The best Android messaging clients of 2013

This year saw a lot of new instant messaging clients rise to the fore on Android, with each client offering a set of unique elements that distinguishes it from the rest. Let’s take a look at some of the best and fastest growing messaging clients: WhatsApp With a total user base of over 350 million,

Personalize Galaxy S3 SMS Notification Sound

Samsung Galaxy S3 Freezing and Restarting Problem

An email about the Samsung Galaxy S3 freezing and restarting problem has been sent to us recently. The actual message reads, “Hi, I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S3. Recently, I am experiencing freezing problems which causes my phone to restart. I think it has something to do with the new update I installed from

Install Whatsapp in Tablet

How to Install Whatsapp in Tablet with Android OS

Recently, we received this question in Mailbag, “Can I install Whatsapp in tablet running the Android operating system?” According to the official website of Whatsapp, tablet devices are not supported by the app. That means you cannot install Whatsapp in tablet if you have downloaded it from its official website or Google Play Store. However,

BlackBerry Messenger: The End of Platform Specific Services?

BlackBerry Messenger, is about to launch on Android and iOS. BlackBerry Messenger used to be a feature exclusive to BlackBerry phones, and which was a major selling point for the Waterloo-based company’s devices. The smartphone market has changed a lot in the past few years, and BlackBerry Messenger has to either go cross-platform or become


Whatsapp announces 300M users, voice messaging feature

Whatsapp now has 300 million users. The company hit this milestone just around six weeks after the same hit its 250 million active monthly user mark. Whatsapp Achievements Whatsapp, which evidently loves statistics, also announced that 11 billion messages are sent via the app on a daily basis. An even greater number, 20 million, of

WhatsApp Hits New Record = 27 Billion Messages in a Day!

When it comes to instant messengers, the ideal situation is that there be only one, which works on all platforms. Really, who wants to have to use iMessage to contact Lily, Google Hangouts to contact Marshall, Facebook Messenger to contact Ted, Viber to contact Robin and BlackBerry Messenger to contact Barney? At some point, a

More Users Choosing Instant Messager Apps Over SMS

Mobile carriers have been weary about the ever growing popularity of Instant messaging apps over the past few years by offering special deals that include unlimited texts. It seems that all of the deals in the world couldn’t prevent the this out come from happening. SMS losing out to IP-based Services  In 2012 19 billion

Nokia Unveils World’s First Phone With a WhatsApp Button

Nokia’s new phone the ‘Asha 210’ smartphone is the worlds first phone to have a dedicated WhatsApp button. Nokia announced that the Asha 210 will be a low-budget phone costing only $72 the phone will support WI-FI, a 2G Connection and it has the added bonus of a dedicated WhatsApp button. WhatsApp released the figures earlier

Whatsapp denies any plans for sale to Google

Recently rumors have been going around the internet that Google is trying to buy the famous messaging service, Whatsapp. Whastapp is one of the famous social messaging services available over major platforms like android, iOs, Symbian etc. The app has over tens of millions of downloads from users all over the world and is one

Whatsapp for iOS is a Free Download For a Limited Period

Applications these days are generally categorized under two categories – free apps and paid apps. And it goes without saying that free apps have more downloads than paid apps for the obvious reason that not all like paying for mobile applications. If you compare the Google Play Store with the iTunes AppStore or the Windows