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Sony launches SmartBand wearable in the U.S. for $100

Sony has just launched its SmartBand fitness wearable in the U.S. for just $100. This means that Android users will finally have a viable alternative to the likes of Fitbit and a range of other fitness related wearables available in the market. It is to be seen though if Sony will be able to leverage the

Samsung Gear Blink

Samsung trademarks Gear Blink, a possible face mounted wearable

A trademark filing in South Korea has revealed a new Samsung device called the ‘Gear Blink‘. As the name indicates, this could probably be a head mounted wearable, something similar to Google Glass, although there’s no confirmation of that yet. Samsung recently filed a trademark for something know as the Gear Glass, so this is

Samsung S Band

Samsung S Band fitness tracker spotted in Germany

Samsung’s S Band or S Circle fitness band was originally supposed to launch with the Galaxy S4 last year, but that didn’t happen for some reason. However, several leaks over the past few weeks have hinted that this accessory could me making a comeback of sorts. And today, the Korean manufacturer officially showed off this fitness