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Rose Gold and Platinum variants of the Samsung Gear S2 available Feb 12 for $449

Samsung Gear S2 - Rose Gold

Samsung Gear S2 - Rose Gold

The #Samsung #GearS2 wearable will be available in Rose Gold and Platinum variants tomorrow for $449.99. This puts it in the league of the Apple Watch as one of the more expensive smartwatches that are sold in the market. But considering the kind of features it brings to the table, this won’t be much of a sacrifice for prospective buyers.

The standard variants of the smartwatch were originally priced at $299.99 and $349.99, so this can be considered a premium of just $100 over the most expensive model, also known as the Gear S2 Classic. The Rose Gold and Platinum variants will be available for purchase from retailers like, Best Buy, Amazon, Macy’s and several others starting tomorrow.

As far as the changes are concerned, the Rose Gold model comes with an 18K casing coupled with an ivory leather band, while the Platinum variant sports a black leather band. They’re both attractive looking offerings and stay true to their premium nature, so we expect them to strike a chord with the masses despite the steep price tag.

Do you like what you see here?

Source: Samsung

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[Deal] Sony SmartWatch 2 available for $84.50

Sony SmartWatch 2

The #Sony #SmartWatch2 wearable can be yours for just $84.50, courtesy of a retailer on eBay. This is not #AndroidWear, but the full version of #Android. That’s because it was released back in 2013, when Android Wear was yet to be released. However, this makes a decent companion for your smartphone given that it’s compatible with a broad range of devices out there.

The SmartWatch 2 comes with interchangeable bands as well, making this a very versatile product to own. The product being offered here is brand new, so you’re getting a completely packed and sealed unit here with this deal.

As you might be aware, the SmartWatch 2 wasn’t exactly a hot item back when it was released, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the $84.50 that the retailer is asking for right now. Make sure you head over to the link below to snatch up this more than capable wearable on the cheap.

Get the Sony SmartWatch 2 for just $84.50 from eBay!

[Deal] Get the Samsung Gear Live for just $79.99

Gear Live

We are aware that even the staunchest #Android fans out there are still a bit reserved about #AndroidWear as a concept. But a new deal on Samsung’s #GearLive wearable might just change your mind. This smartwatch can now be yours for just $79.99, down from its launch pricing of close to $200.

The Gear Live has the advantage of featuring an AMOLED panel, which will prove to be a crucial factor in sunlight, especially in comparison to other LCD toting Android Wear offerings.

The seller on eBay is offering a brand new unit of the Gear Live, so you’re not settling for a refurb unit at this pricing. As of now, the listing is only offering the Black version of the smartwatch, so your color choices are quite limited.

To make the deal even sweeter, the retailer is offering free shipping along with the purchase of this smartwatch. So if you’ve been wanting to invest in an Android Wear smartwatch, but weren’t willing to shell out the big bucks, make sure you hit the eBay link below.

Get the Samsung Gear Live for just $79.99 courtesy of eBay!

[Deal] Garmin Vivofit 2 fitness band available for $54.95 thanks to a new deal

Garmin Vivofit 2

Garmin Vivofit 2

Looking to invest in an affordable yet reliable fitness band? Well, #Garmin has you covered with the #Vivofit2 which is now going for just $54.95 courtesy of a generous seller on eBay.

This is a new wearable as well, so you’re not getting one of those refurbished units for the price here. There’s one full year of Garmin certified warranty available on the device, which means you’re well covered for any potential damages that might occur in the near future.

Fitness bands are a part of our lives now, but not everybody has bought into the concept just yet. This is despite the likes of Fitbit, Garmin and others being in the industry for quite some time now, not to mention some bigger names like Samsung, Sony and the likes who have also ventured into the fitness wearables market, albeit with relatively expensive offerings.

If you’re willing to make that leap to dedicated fitness and health tracking right on your wrist, make sure you head over to the eBay link below.

Get the Garmin Vivofit 2 fitness tracker/wearable for just $54.95 on eBay!

Fossil Q Founder smartwatch now available for $295

Fossil Q Founder

Fossil Q Founder

The #Fossil #QFounder smartwatch is finally available for purchase, at least according to the company’s official web page. The smartwatch is listed with a price tag of $295, while it was originally said to be priced at $275. However, the model here is sporting a steel watch band, so it is likely that the company is charging an extra $20 for that.

The company’s official listing doesn’t shed much light on the hardware aspect of the smartwatch, but it is known that it packs a display similar to the Moto 360 with its flat tyre design, an Intel ATOM processor underneath and a 400 mAh battery. The company is offering support for standard 22mm watch straps, which means that the customers will be able to swap them quite easily.

Naturally, the wearable is running Android Wear out of the box and will pack a few unique Fossil watch faces, which should make the experience quite memorable for watch lovers. Head over to the link below for more details on the Q Founder.

Source: Fossil

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The Withings Activité Steel gives a different spin to the concept of smartwatches

Withings Activité Steel

Withings Activité Steel

French fitness accessories manufacturer #Withings has just unveiled the #ActivitéSteel #smartwatch which features an analog watch face and no touchscreen functionality. However, the wearable can manage to track your fitness data like steps, calories burnt and even swimming.

Data can be synced with your smartphone using the Health Mate app that is available on major app hubs. Just to make it clear, the Activité Steel isn’t capable of showing phone related notifications, so by definition it is merely an analog wrist watch with some level of “smart” inside.

The wearable has been priced at $169.95 and will be available for purchase across major Withings retail locations of the world. The company is known for its fitness accessories and devices, so the release of a device such as this doesn’t really come as a surprise to us.

Do you think the lack of proper notifications support will dent the chances of the Activité Steel in the market? Let us know.

Via: Tech Crunch

Samsung’s new Gear VR now up on pre-order for $99.99

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR

#Samsung originally released the #GearVR wearable last year in partnership with Oculus. Well, the company has now released a new variant of the headset which now comes without the Innovator Edition tag and is compatible with all four 2015 Samsung Galaxy flagships that have been launched so far.

As we all know, Samsung has some special content for the Gear VR, giving Samsung device owners access to exclusive content in the world of virtual reality. VR has the potential to go a long way, which is apparent from the kind of investment we’re seeing from major companies. Google recently added a VR specific button on YouTube, making it easier to access related content, so it’s clear that many such initiatives will follow.

The Gear VR will be compatible with the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+ as well as the Galaxy Note 5. So if you purchased either of the four devices, make sure you head over to Best Buy from the link below and pre-order the accessory.

Source: Best Buy

Via: 9to5Google

A cheaper model of the Samsung Gear Fit could be on the cards

Gear Fit

#Samsung is supposedly working on the SM-R150 model of the #GearFit, with emphasis on the pricing to make it more affordable for the customers. Interestingly, the original Gear Fit bears the model number SM-R350 which indicates that this newly leaked model will probably have less features underneath in order to cut costs and keep the price to a minimum.

Could this finally be Samsung’s way of taking on Xiaomi’s fitness wearable market? Well, we can’t be sure for now, but it surely seems like Samsung wants to target the midrange audience with this new wearable. Will it be able to succeed? Well, that’s only for time to tell. It’s anybody’s guess right now as to when the wearable will be announced, but we’re guessing this toned down version of the Gear Fit will be announced in time for the holiday season.

If the company fails to meet that goal, the Gear Fit could be revealed sometime by CES or MWC next year, so there still might be some waiting left to do for us fans.

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[Deal] Pebble Time selling with a $50 discount

Pebble Time

The #PebbleTime smartwatch was one of the best cross platform wearables to launch in the market this year. The wearable was already pretty cheap at $199.99 and it’s now gotten even cheaper at $149.99 courtesy of a limited period deal over at Amazon and Pebble.

The Pebble Time is perhaps the only wearable in the market that comes with a 7 day battery life, so there’s enough incentive for you to contemplate buying the device. It’s based on an e-ink display which means it will also provide optimal visibility during sunlight as well.

The company hasn’t specified as to how long this limited period deal will last, but it’s safe to assume that it will remain until stocks last (or perhaps until the end of the day). In any case, make sure you hit the links below to get the Pebble Time on the cheap while the pricing is still valid.

For those who prefer a steel strap, Pebble also sells the Pebble Time Steel, which is worth a look if you don’t mind shelling out $249.99.

Source: Amazon, Pebble

Report talks about decent demand for the Samsung Gear S2 in China

Gear S2

Gear S2

According to a new report, the #Samsung #GearS2 smartwatch is picking up decent traction in China. The device is said to have sold 180,000 units in just eight hours, which is pretty decent for a premium grade wearable. While companies like #Xiaomi, #Huawei and #Lenovo are no strangers to devices selling out quickly in China, this feat from Samsung holds special value given that it’s not a cheap wearable.

Researchers have already mentioned that the Gear S2 could pose serious competition to the existing lot of smartwatches, including the Apple Watch. The Gear S2 is selling China for 2,198 CNY ($347) for the basic model and 2,398 CNY ($378) for the slightly premium Classic version. So it’s not an affordable wearable by any stretch of the imagination, but the Gear S2 has clearly struck a chord with the Chinese audience to return such attractive sales figures.

Given the size of the Chinese mobile market, 180,000 doesn’t really account for much. But given how wearables are still an evolving concept, this is a positive sign for Samsung.

Source: Tizen Indonesia

Via: Sam Mobile

HTC’s Grip fitness band delayed until Q1 2016

HTC Grip

HTC Grip

HTC’s #Grip wearable has been delayed before and the Taiwanese manufacturer has pushed the release even further now. According to #HTC, the Grip fitness band will now release sometime in Q1 2016 as part of HTC and Under Armour’s plans to release a “fully integrated digital ecosystem of products“.

As we continue to develop the Connected Fitness platform and elevate our product offerings, Under Armour and HTC have decided to launch a fully integrated digital ecosystem of products early next year. This global launch will provide the tools needed to help athletes of all levels track, manage and improve their health and fitness. Our teams have done a remarkable job bringing these products to life and we’re excited to share them with the public soon.”

We can’t necessarily say that we’re surprised, given that the Grip fitness band wasn’t exactly being hotly expected by the industry. But whatever the issues that the company was facing, it’s good to see that they have made it public rather than keeping it hidden. The fitness wearable market has gotten heavily crowded now, so HTC and Under Armour will have to step up their game if they want to make any impact on the industry.

The Grip fitness band is expected to be priced at $199 and should be up for grabs by early 2016, well we hope so at least.

Via: Phandroid

Official Samsung Gear S2 unboxing video now out

Samsung Gear S2 Unboxing

Samsung Gear S2 Unboxing

The #Samsung #GearS2 and the #GearS2Classic will be formally available for purchase today in the U.S. And in order to give users a better idea of what’s exactly being offered along with the smartwatch, the company has now posted an unboxing video.

We see here that the box is quite neatly designed and goes well with the overall design of the watch. Once opened, users will find some extra bands, a charger as well as a dock. There won’t be any other accessories available with the wearable, which is not really a surprise given that smartwatches don’t need a lot more than bands and charging accessories. There’s the standard Quick Start Guide available here as well.

The Gear S2 will cost $299.99 while the Gear S2 Classic will be slightly more expensive at $349.99. One of the major highlights of the Gear S2 is that it’s compatible with a wide range of non-Samsung products. This is a welcome change as older Gear smartwatches were only compatible with Samsung devices (with the exception of the Gear Live). You can check out Samsung’s official page to get a better idea of the compatibility list.

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HTC supposedly working on an Android Wear device codenamed Halfbeak

HTC Services App

HTC Halfbeak Android Wear

#HTC was rumored to be releasing an #AndroidWear smartwatch before, but sadly not much came of it. A new report is talking about this again, claiming that the Taiwanese manufacturer is currently working on an Android Wear smartwatch codenamed Halfbeak. It is said that HTC will use a round display with the wearable, accompanied by a resolution of 360×360.

This means that the wearable will be similar to the LG G Watch R and the Moto 360 in terms of design. But knowing HTC, expect there to be more emphasis on design and the quality of materials used. It is possible that HTC will reveal the wearable at its September 29 event, where the company will show off the One A9 and another handset.

Incidentally, Google’s Nexus launch event is also scheduled for the same day, which might not exactly be a coincidence. We’ll keep an ear to the ground for more details on this mystery wearable from the company. Since HTC was originally listed as a launch partner for Android Wear last year, it’s about time that the company releases a smartwatch.


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Images of a mystery LG wearable leak out

LG Smartwatch

LG Smartwatch

Over the past one week or so, we’ve come across reports of a #Verizon bound #LG smartwatch, as well as a wearable codenamed ‘Nemo’. Today, we’re getting a glimpse of yet another smartwatch from the company, revealing a relatively large display. The display has a sticker which reads ‘Sport’, so we’re guessing the company is touting this to be a Sports oriented wearable or a fitness band of some sort.

A source has supposedly confirmed that the smartwatch will not be running #AndroidWear, so it’s very likely that this will be more of a fitness tracker than a full blown smartwatch. Details are obviously quite scarce at the moment, but we expect to hear more about this over the coming days. Given that we’re very close to the IFA 2015 event in Berlin, it’s likely that the company will show off this smartwatch there.

LG Smartwatch

Although fitness wearables are available in abundance these days, a wearable from a company like LG will go a long way in appealing to the customers. What do you think?

LG Smartwatch -2


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