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Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop issues and solutions

With the release of Android #Marshmallow nearing, it’s unfortunate to hear reports from users who still suffer from now “ordinary” #AndroidLollipop – related issues. Below are some of the issues attributed to Lollipop on #GalaxyNote4 at this time. We hope that the solutions provided here can help the readers concerned as well as the Android

Google Maps 7.6 Released With New Features

  Well this is a really good update to Google Maps. There are new transit options, suggested driving improvements, and improvements to the “Offers” part of the app. Let’s start with the suggested driving improvements. Before the update, if you wanted to change your route or find alternate ones if you were stuck in traffic,

Google’s Acquisition of Waze Triggers an FTC Antitrust Investigation

Less than a month after Google acquired Waze, a social mapping startup company, there are reports that the Federal Trade Commission intends to carry out an antitrust review of the deal.  According to New York Post, FTC Lawyers contacted Google expressing their intention to conduct the antitrust review of the acquisition.  The New York Post

Why did Google paid $1 Billion to buy Waze?

As we have already covered the latest buy out in tech industry where Google acquired Waze for approx $1.1 billion dollars, its time to go into some details to find out what made Google buy  Waze? The most popular nagviation app Waze has been acquired by Google till the time this post get published. Earlier


Google has acquired Waze for $1.1 billion

Google has sealed the deal with navigation and social traffic app Waze for $1.1 billion, following months of rumours from various tech news agencies about the deal and who was bidding for the Israeli based startup. Waze will stay open for business, as many large deals for mobile and web services do nowadays. With a


Google close to closing $1.3 billion acquisition for Waze

Google could be on the final stages on the move to acquire Waze, the social traffic and navigation app. Globes, a native Israeli newspaper, has reported the deal could be in its finalisation stages, with Google ready to announce within weeks. The price has been bumped up, from $1 billion Facebook apparently offered to $1.3 billion.


Google and Facebook could be in locked bidding war for Waze

Google and Facebook may be locked in a bidding war for community based location service Waze. The startup is currently private and funded through venture capital, but it may be looking to sell into a larger establishment. With the two big $1 billion acquisitions each leading to the purchased company working as usual without any

Facebook to buy Waze for $1 billion ?

  If the reports from the Israeli media are to be believed, then we might see a facebook waze partnership sometime soon. Waze, the urban navigation and social mapping platform is currently in talks with Facebook for a full acquisition. Now, we have seen Facebook buy a number of such start ups recently, however what