Xiaomi Mi Box

Xiaomi Mi Box spotted at Walmart with a price tag of $69

The Android TV based #Xiaomi #MiBox was expected to land in the U.S. soon, but the company never gave any specific launch details. However, this set-top-box has just been spotted on a shelf in Walmart, suggesting that Xiaomi might have launched the device without a formal announcement. The Mi Box is shown to be carrying

BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry Priv now available for purchase via Walmart

The #BlackBerryPriv smartphone has received positive reviews from critics and users alike. The handset combines the classic BlackBerry keyboard with Android’s raw power, thus offering a truly great experience for the customers. Well, BlackBerry has now partnered with retail chain Walmart to showcase the handset in its retail locations across the U.S. The handset is still

T-Mobile Increases Data Limits For Walmart’s Mobile Plans

For those unaware, at Walmart you can get select prepaid T-Mobile plans that aren’t available anywhere else. Starting tomorrow, April 18th, those prepaid plans will get a little bit better. For starters, the $29.88 monthly plan currently comes with unlimited talk, text, and only 500MB of 4G LTE data. Tomorrow, that plan will have the data doubled

RCA Internet Music System Is Powered By Android 4.2, Costs $178

The Android operating system is usually being used in mobile devices and rarely in home appliances. RCA however decided that a stereo system would have better features with Android on-board which is why we now have the RCA Internet Music System. It looks like any ordinary home audio system with 20 watt Bluetooth speakers which


iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S price dropped in Walmart

Normally iPhone prices don’t drop until the release of the next edition of the smartphone by Apple, but Walmart has made a big statement by dropping the prices of both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 will come at $129 with a two-year contract and the iPhone 4S will start at just

Hisense Launches Two Walmart Exclusive Tablets, Price Starts At $99

Hisense might not be a popular brand but the company has been releasing several affordable consumer electronic products which include televisions, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, air-conditioners, beverage coolers and freezers. The company has just recently launched two new Android tablet models exclusively at Walmart which will definitely appeal to the budget conscious shopper. The first model is

Huawei W1 Running On Windows 8 to Arrive At Walmart This Month

Huawei has just announced that it will be releasing its very first smartphone running on Windows 8 in the United States this month. The Huawei W1 will be sold later this month at Walmart’s retail and online stores. This particular model is popular among budget consumers overseas and is better known as the Huawei Ascend

Nokia Lumia 521 Seen At Wallmart With Only $129.88 Tag

The Nokia Lumia 521 can now be bought at Walmart for a very affordable price of $129.88. That is definitely lower than its introductory price when it was launched. The Nokia Lumia 521 is the smartphone that HSN launched last April 27 during its Innovation Weekend event. The product was immediately sold out which displays

Walmart Selling iPhone 5 With Straight Talk’s Unlimited Plans

It’s easy to forget about the Apple iPhone 5, when we’re being surrounded by tons of new smartphones each day. But with the kind of status that Apple holds, it’s hard to write them off when a newer smartphone arrives, for the simple reason that the iPhones just don’t stop selling. But thinking from the

Walmart to offer iPhone 5 for as low as $127 starting Dec. 17th

Walmart is giving an early Christmas present to all their valued customers. The company has announced last Friday that it will be offering the 16GB Apple iPhone 5 for a very low price. And customers have 30 days to avail this offer which is made available in approximately 3,000 Wal-Mart stores. The lists of stores

Walmart offering $50 discount on Lumia 920 and 820!

Windows Phone 8 devices from AT&T are finally here. You can get your Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820 or HTC 8X now! Nokia Lumia 920 is considered as a flagship Windows Phone 8 device by Nokia, and is also an exclusive model from AT&T. The hardware of Lumia 920 is as exciting as the operating