Saygus VPhone Finally Approved By Verizon Wireless

What do you do when you’re not satisfied with the smartphones on the market today. Well if you’re Tim Riker you make your own. Riker is the CTO of a company called Saygus that showed off a pretty exciting piece of Android hardware at least years Big Android BBQ. Riker and his forward thinking engineering

Exclusive – Interview with Tim Riker of Saygus!

By Cassandra Holly, Video Producer TDG Online We’ve already gushed over the upcoming vPhone from Saygus, and Tim Riker, CTO of Saygus was generous enough to donate some of his time to us, while we sat and talked to him more about the capabilities of this phone. By we, of course, I mean Aaron Buckner of,

Finally, a phone made for the Community!

I have a confession to make. I hate most of the Android phones on the market today. Each one of them bears some critical flaw that really just sits on my brain and forces me to think about what I would be doing differently if I were running the show. In the Android market of