LG G4 mini leak

LG G4 mini spotted in an European carrier’s price list

Multiple reports over the past few weeks have mentioned that LG will be prepping the launch of a mini LG G4. We even came across a couple of device names to substantiate these claims, but nothing more was available on that front. That might be changing today though with an European carrier’s price list inadvertently

Vodafone Smart Tab III Tablets With Android 4.2 Coming Soon

New reports indicate that Vodafone will soon be launching a new line of tablets called the Smart Tab III. The devices will be made by Lenovo but will come with a Vodafone branding. Lenovo is also the same company that made the Smart Tab II which was released under the Vodafone branding in 2012. There


Vodafone acquires Kabel Deutschland for $10.1 billion

Vodafone has reached a deal with Kabel Deutschland to acquire the company for $10.1 billion or €7.7 billion. Vodafone will use their subsidiary Vodafone Vierte Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH to offer a voluntary public tender offer at €87 per share in cash. Kabel Deutschland has been under Vodafone’s radar for a while, previously declining an offer from the telecommunications company


Vodafone launches £50 Smart Mini

Larry Page said on stage at Google I/O the price of hardware would soon surmount to little over $1 and the profit margins for companies like Apple would be huge. We are starting to see this, with Vodafone launching the Smart Mini for a cool £50 off contract. The Smart Mini does not have impressive specs,

HTC M7 spotted in Vodafone’s inventory system

HTC will be announcing its flagship phone, HTC M7, very soon. It is one of the most interesting high end device that is going to be announced this month, and since it is going to be a high end device, there are lot of enthusiasts waiting for it and the particular device is no stranger

T-Mobile US CEO Philipp Humm Resigns to Join Vodafone UK

The chief executive of T-Mobile US Philipp Humm resigns from his post and will be replaced by the Chief Operating Officer Jim Alling. It has been confirmed by the management that Humm will also be leaving the TMo’s mother company, Deutsche Telekom, and will return home to his family in Europe. As much as the

Vodafone Offered Palm Vein Reader for Smartphone Recharging

Vodafone has improved the Vodafone VIP Recharge Truck this year with infrared Palm Vein Readers to track consumers. Vodafone has made its presence known in UK festivals in the past through the Vodafone VIP Recharge Truck. Previously, it offered to recharge smartphones that have gone low on battery on these events because of heavy use

HTC Brings 4G/LTE Android Phone To Europe

HTC has become the first OEM to bring a 4G/LTE Android powered smartphone to Europe. Vodafone and HTC are reporting that the first Android smartphone with 4G/LTE will be the HTC Velocity, a variant of the new HTC Vivid that was released to AT&T’s 4G/LTE network earlier this year. The Velocity features a 4.5inch qHD

Galaxy Nexus Problems Reported, Vodafone Holds Release

According to a report on pocket-lint.com the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is experiencing some strange problems. The biggest problem being reported is dubbed “SAV-Ghost” which stands for Self Aware Volume Ghost. According to reports from users on XDA and other forum websites their Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices are turning down automatically. One XDA forum user, Jonnyguitar,

Is Vodafone Buying RIM

RIM (Research In Motion), the creators of the Blackberry, have seen their stock and livelihood on one intense roller coaster ride, pretty much since the release of the iPhone.  When Android hopped on the scene a year later RIM continued to go down hill, never regaining their footing. Rumors have been hot and heavy that

HTC Runnymede Shows Up In Video

If you were just thinking that HTC is on a roll than you’re probably right. Last week in New York City they officially announced the HTC Rhyme, which was originally code-named the Bliss.  There’s also substantiated rumors about the HTC Vigor headed to Verizon and the HTC Runnymede which will reportedly get a name change

Samsung Galaxy Y Headed To Vodafone

Yesterday we reported that T-Mobile USA was going to get one of the new letter branded Galaxy devices from Samsung. The Galaxy W is reportedly headed to T-Mobile as the T-679.  The “W” is supposed to stand for “wonder” and be one step below the Galaxy S line of Samsung phones. Now we’re hearing that

And Now… A Samsung Galaxy S Plus

Prior to the Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung’s biggest Android phone franchise was the 2010 Samsung Galaxy S.  Now, with most US models priced under $100 it’s still a damn good device. Techradar is reporting that they’ve gotten their hands on a new phone, well sort of, and it’s called the Samsung Galaxy Plus.  Just

Samsung Galaxy S 2.3 Gingerbread Update Suspended By Google

Vodafone owners of the Samsung Galaxy S were really excited over the weekend when it was reported that they would be upgraded to Android 2.3, Gingerbread starting yesterday, however the great news didn’t last long as Google has suspended the update. According to a Vodafone Community Manager named “Tom” the rollout of the Android 2.3

Nexus S Goes Worldwide Via Vodafone In 2 Flavors

Vodafone has announced that they will carry the Nexus S in 24 countries across the world on contract. Currently, you can only purchase the Nexus S in Best Buy stores and Car Phone Warehouse in the UK unlocked. Vodafone was a partner with the worldwide release of the Nexus One and we were expecting them