Galaxy S7 frequently drops calls due to poor signal, other issues

Some of the common issues we’ve received from #GalaxyS7 users are related to connectivity so we include two of them in this post. We published another S7 post earlier that might interest you as well. For more S7 issues and solutions though, feel free to visit the main Galaxy S7 troubleshooting page here. And below are

T-Mobile clarifies that it merely ‘downgrades’ YouTube videos

#YouTube is not part of T-Mobile’s Binge On promotion as we’re all aware. However, the #Google owned company recently accused T-Mobile of throttling its videos while on cellular networks, despite not being a part of Binge On. T-Mobile has now responded to YouTube’s allegations and mentioned that they treat YouTube as any other video service and

Facebook 360 Degree Video

Facebook on Android getting 360 degree video support

Users of #Facebook on mobile will soon gain support to view 360 degree video content on their news feed, the social networking giant said. This will allow users on both Android and the web to view immersive videos, like the one uploaded by the Star Wars team. This video shows how the users can experience being a

New Videos of Droid 3 & New Version Of Blur

The Droid 3 is Motorola and Verizon’s big secret, well at least it is supposed to be but all good secrets can’t stay secrets now can they? Today, a series of YouTube videos were discovered giving users a tutorial of the upcoming Android device, and while we still have yet to find a release date