Must-have video conferencing apps for Android

Video conferencing is not exactly something new to mobile devices. In fact, when 3G was first introduced to GSM networks, video-calling was the most-touted feature. Sadly, devices like the Nokia N90 and even the cheap LG KU250 “3G for all” did not end up popularizing video calling. While carriers theoretically supported video-conferencing through 3G networks,

2 More Videos Show Off The HTC Amaze 4G Headed To T-Mobile

Last week on September 26th T-Mobile officially announced the HTC Amaze 4G. They also gave up some great information on the Samsung Galaxy S II.  Both devices are expected to be in T-Mobile stores next week. The Android press (us included) seem to be doing whatever it takes to make sure this Amaze-ing device by

Skype Makes Video Calls Official For Android

The wonderful for at Skype have officially launched Skype for Android 2.0 bringing true mobile video Skype to millions of Android users world wide. Skype 2.0 with video for Android allows Android users with Skype accounts to video chat one on one free of charge with other Skype users over the Skype network. “We are

T-Mobile Allowing Video Chat Over 3G/4G For Now

Many of you have been following the plight of Russell Holly over G-Talk with video over 3G on phones.  If that made no sense to you whatsoever, here is a bit of the back story. When the Samsung Nexus S on T-Mobile received the update to Gingerbread 2.3.4 it included G-Talk with video. In theory,

Fring Video Calling For Android

A few weeks ago we got wind of a beta test for Fring that would bring video calling to Android users and iPhone users. Well today Fring has updated their application in the Android Market to bring users video calling with up to four users at a time. Pretty grand right?

Cee-Lo Green Loves Honeycomb and F-U To Everyone Else

If the headline bothers you than you aren’t aware of Cee-Lo Green’s huge hit entitled “F-U” as an editorial note about Cee-Lo Green, you will never find a nicer way to say F-U than Cee-Lo’s pretty decent pop hit… At the Google Honeycomb preview event in Mountain View California today Android lead Hugo Barra showed