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Facebook Will Introduce Auto-Play Video Ads in 2013


We all love using Facebook, well most of us do anyways. And since there are almost a billion people using the social networking service today, Facebook is a pretty rich company. And that’s because of ads. Ad revenue makes up for a huge chunk of Facebook’s income and the company has been known to be tinkering with ads in many ways to increase visibility/reach. But now, the company is believed to be all set to introduce a new form of advertisement on the portal with video ads. Having limited to just banners, Facebook ads weren’t that much of an annoyance to the users as people quickly got used to it. But full motion video ads could see a lot of critics right from day one. The company has decided to introduce this new add-on from 2013. Undoubtedly, the folks at Facebook Inc seem to have been pretty pumped about this new form of ad revenue and were believed to be pretty convincing with their bids to potential advertisers.

The annoying part however is that these videos will apparently start playing automatically with audio of course, so it’s kind of like those annoying YouTube video ads right before the video starts playing. It is being said that Facebook will want to enable this on both web and mobile versions of Facebook (including apps, yes) so there’s no way to avoid this, apparently. Facebook however has also kept some things in mind so as to not make it all that bad for the users. The advertisers apparently will only be allowed to show the same video ad to the user three times a day. That could be a cap on a single advertiser and since there are going to be plenty of them we can’t help but wonder if this new annoyance will make people use Facebook less (hypothetically speaking). It is also unclear as to what kind of audiences the advertisers will target or if it will be location based. Since Facebook has a large number of users all over the globe, we’re guessing video ads will be country specific. Either ways, it seems unavoidable if implemented and it’s only up to Facebook now to not make this a hindrance on its loyal users.

As for the advertisers’, there’s no word on how much Facebook will charge per video ad. And these ads apparently will only be 15 seconds in length compared to the standard 30 second commercials. Obviously this will not be cheap for the advertisers, but considering the kind of impact video ads have on its audiences, the advertisers shouldn’t mind much. With this new venture, Facebook could rake in millions of dollars from plenty of advertisers. There’s no better way to make quick money for Facebook. We could see its shares take a jump too. As of now, the idea hasn’t been announced by the company. So we wouldn’t get ahead of ourselves until the official announcement comes.

How do you feel about video ads on Facebook?

Via: The Register