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13 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbal For iPhone X

If you’ve got an iPhone X, you’re probably really excited with its upgraded camera. It’s one of the best camera phone’s on the market today. However, you might be a little frustrated that you still can’t take smooth, cinematic-like video with it. Optical image stabilization can take a lot of the shake out of your

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbal For iPhone 8

Video capturing technology is amazing, especially on Apple’s iPhone 8. The company seems to outdo itself every time they release a new iPhone (for example, the iPhone X’s camera is just outstanding). However, one thing that often plagues our videos is that we can never hold the camera still. Optical Image Stabilization works to help

Galaxy S6 not playing videos properly, other issues

Welcome to another post about the #GalaxyS6 series! Below are some of the issues we’ve gathered from some members of our community during the past few days. If you are new to our site, we recommend that you visit the main page for Galaxy S6 troubleshooting page. Galaxy S6 touchscreen not working Galaxy S6 not

HTC 10

New HTC 10 video ad talks about the OIS cameras and more

The #HTC10 smartphone is comfortably one of the best handsets going around right now. In order to give customers a better idea of its performance and features, the manufacturer has now posted a video ad, which discusses one of the key features of the handset – the cameras. Understandably, the company discusses the two cameras

Twitter now lets you send and share videos via Direct Messages

After adding support for #Twitter GIFs, the developers have also announced the addition of yet another feature. Starting today, users of Twitter will be able to share and record videos in a DM or Direct Message. This was previously not possible, so its addition will be welcomed by the users. While it’s not as groundbreaking

Instagram Logo

Instagram to add a view counter for video posts

#Instagram will soon add a view counter bar for video posts, letting you get an accurate reading of how many people have viewed a particular video. This is in line with what we see on apps like Vine (owned by Twitter) and was high time it made its way to a popular app like Instagram. The

Galaxy S6 locks up the screen when an icon is tapped, other issues

Smartphones can display all sorts of problems as what the things discussed below show. Our post today tries to fix some problems raised by some of our readers. If you are looking for solutions to your #GalaxyS6 problem, keep reading and you may find some things helpful below. Black screen issue on Galaxy S6 after it