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Head of Google+ Vic Gundotra leaving Google

Google’s Vic Gundotra has been instrumental in the success of Google+ by converting it from a barren wasteland of people to one of the thriving places on the internet. Sure, it’s no match to major players like Twitter or Facebook, but to have 300 million users in under 3 years is a commendable feat for the

The Google+ Store

The tweet above is prominently posted on Buiness Insider’s homepage today. Once I saw it it got me thinking. Before I got sick I had an intense conversation with our editor at large Cameron Wright. He always takes the defensive on Google+. While I’m not a Google+ hater, I’m just a very casual user. Google

Google Re-Evaluating Names Policy On Google+

For some, like thedroidguy, this may come as news a little too late.  After a weekend of obliterating Google+ accounts, for a lot of their core audience, Google has announced they are revamping their names policy.  Over the weekend Thedroidguy along with top Android sites, Android And Me, Android Community and Android Police were suspended

Gearing Up For I/O But Where’s Vic?

At Google IO last year one of the most enthusiastic people about Android was Vic Gundotra. Vic Gundotra, is a champion of all things Google and one of those Googler’s that stays face front in the community as an evangelist for many Google products, especially Android. The week Larry Page re-took over as CEO for