5 Best Fast Charging Type C Cables For iPhone 8

Want to get rid of all of those silly adapters you have for your USB-C devices? You really don’t want to have to connect up a dongle every time you want to hook your iPhone 8 up to your MacBook. A cable that goes straight from lightning to USB-C is the most seamless option for

5 Best Fast Charging Type C Cables For iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone X doesn’t use USB-C; it uses Apple’s traditional and proprietary lightning connector. There were rumors that Apple would switch over to USB-C, but alas, it never happened; however, many folks are using USB-C wall chargers now (opting for those over the wall charger Apple gives you). That said, your USB-A to Lightning cable

5 Best Android Charger Cable In 2019

Android charger cables have had one specific problem for a long time: poor construction and design by the manufacturer. People will tell you that all cables are the same, even if they’re super cheap, but they’re not. Manufacturers can mess up the wiring, mess up the original design spec for these types of cables, and