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EU to Make USB C Chargers Mandatory for All Smartphones

We live in a time when USB C ports can be found in a wide range of devices. Manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, Google, OnePlus, and so on have shifted to USB C some time while ago, although there are still a handful of devices launching with micro USB chargers. Well, the European Parliament has decided

5 Best USB Microphones For Podcasts And YouTubers In 2020

If you want to become an online influencer, as they always say, content is king. You need to create great content, more content, and then some more content. One of the ways you can do this, aside from writing articles, is to create podcasts and YouTube videos as well. There’s a lot of influence within

galaxy note 2 problem

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problem in Connecting Via USB

Recently, we received a message in The Droid Guy Mailbag concerning a particular Galaxy Note 2 problem which reads, “Hi, my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 does not want to connect via USB cable to my PC. I tried it on another PC as well and still didn’t want to connect. It connected in the past

Windows 7 computer not detecting Galaxy S6, other issues

If you’ve been around for some time in Android world, you may have experienced a situation wherein a computer fails to read, or even detect, your Android phone. Our post today addresses this problem with a #GalaxyS6. We also cover some other unrelated problems but if you want to check previously published posts for the