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Samsung Galaxy S4 on US Cellular to get an update soon

  You may have just received your Galaxy S4 handsets, however most of the carriers in the country have reported that your device would be getting a maintenance update soon. Yesterday T Mobile as well as AT&T said that the device would be getting an update and it was only a matter of time when US

ZTE Director Now Available for $0.01 At US Cellular

Those people on a tight budget yet want the Android experience may want to check out the latest offering over at US Cellular. The carrier is offering the ZTE Director for a penny on contract. While the device does not come with all the bells and whistles of high end Android smartphones it’s definitely a

U.S. wireless carriers confirm impending arrival of Samsung Galaxy S IV

The newly-released Samsung Galaxy S IV is, without a doubt, one of the most hotly-anticipated smartphones this year, so it comes to no surprise that many mobile carriers in the United States will sell it. Nonetheless, a confirmation from these companies is always a reassurance that Samsung’s Android flagship handset will indeed be available in

Galaxy Note 10.1 Arrives at US Cellular

  [Photo Credit: CNET] Samsung has just announced its Galaxy Note 8.0 this past week at Mobile World Congress (MWC), the Korean manufacturer’s newest item to compete with Apple’s 7.9-inch iPad Mini, but the Galaxy Note 10.1 is still making its way to carriers. US Cellular is the proudest carrier recipient of the Galaxy Note

US Cellular Getting New Galaxy S III Update

US Cellular is getting ready for an update for Samsung’s Galaxy S II, and while this isn’t the update to Jelly Bean as many were hoping, but it could be a very big deal. Besides some normal device tweaking, fixing old bugs, and also introducing new bugs that you always get with a new release.

ZTE Render now available on US Cellular

Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation (or ZTE) is the fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, and they have some pretty nice phones out there in the market. They’ve got some famous Android phones like the ZTE Blade and the company was in the news recently for a phone called ZTE Athena which when launched

HTC One V To Come In Purple And Black

The HTC One V is the lower end device in HTC’s new One series of smartphones that were announced at Mobile World Congress last month. Although it’s the device with the lower end specs, it does bring back the familiar “chin” that we saw on the original HTC G1 when Android first came out. The

Virgin Mobile, US Cellular And Metro PCS To Get HTC One V

Typically when a new device is released it takes a little bit of time on the market before the device, or a revised version of it, hits carriers like Virgin Mobile, Metro PCS and US Cellular.  That’s not the case with the new HTC One series of Android smartphones. On Sunday at Mobile World Congress

HTC Flyer On Sale At US Cellular Today

Last week we reported that three HTC powered Android devices were headed to top ranked regional carrier US Cellular.  The HTC Hero S, Wildfire S and Flyer are all expected this month at US Cellular with the HTC Flyer coming today. The HTC Flyer will set you back $399.99 after a $100 mail in rebate

US Cellular Grabs Up 3 HTC Android Devices

US Cellular isn’t being the least bit shy about their aggressive Android strategy. It shows this week as they’ve announced the addition of 3 new HTC devices to their Android portfolio. The HTC Hero S, Wildfire S and HTC Flyer are all headed to US Cellular. According to a US Cellular press release all three