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Huawei GX8

Huawei USA pledges to offer 24 month software support

#Huawei USA has now promised to offer software support for 2-years or 24 months after a device is sold. This holds great significance for the American market as software support is considered a crucial part of the sales experience. Given that Huawei is eager to establish a presence in the U.S., an announcement like this could

Android Dev

Developers can now push Android app updates for all at once

#Android app updates are done over the air and it usually goes pretty smoothly. But in most cases, we see that updates only go live in some areas with some users being made to wait. There could now be an end to this thanks to the change in the support documents made by Google which talks of

HTC One A9 to get Android updates fifteen days after Nexus phones

The #HTC #OneA9 smartphone is yet to be officially revealed by the company. But before the launch, plenty has been spoken about the device already. It is being said now that the company will release software updates for the unlocked models just 15 days after a Nexus phone would get it, suggesting that the company is trying to

HTC promises up to two years of software support for future flagships

HTC hosted the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) yesterday to interact with the Reddit community and answer user questions as well. During this session, the company gave away plenty of interesting information, but the one which made the most noise was the word about software updates for its future flagships. According to the Taiwanese manufacturer,

Google already testing Android 4.4.1 according to leak

A new report suggests that Android 4.4.1 is being tested already and could be rolled out to compatible devices in the coming weeks. As the version number probably indicates, it’s nothing major and will mostly introduce bug fixes and some other nagging issues. The Nexus 5 is known to have some issues according to voices

Samsung Galaxy Note II Android 4.3 update rolling out officially

It was only two days ago that a near-final Android 4.3 firmware leaked for the Galaxy Note II, Samsung’s second-generation phablet, and the official OTA update has now begun rolling out to both the standard (GT-N710) and LTE models (GT-N7105) of the device. India is the first country to get it, but the update should be

Lets Fix The Update Dilemma For Android Devices

Lets just admit it right now, we all hate how slow updates take to get to Android phones. There’s not even a doubt about that. What if it didn’t have to be slow though? What if we could just get the update when Samsung or Google finished it? That could easily work, but it’d take

Your First Android Device: Checking For Updates [How To]

One of the most important things for most people who own an Android device is keeping it up to date. Android offers some of the most reliable, feature-packed and fast updates than any other platform, in my opinion. While iOS does often offer yearly updates that are pretty stable, there really aren’t a whole lot

Motorola Atrix 4G And Photon 4G May Not Get Android 4.0 ICS

Smartphone updates have been completely ridiculous coming from Motorola as of late. Motorola has even reiterated that after the company retracted numerous promises regarding upgrades. The new timeline that’s been released shows that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is being pushed to the DROID XYBOARD 8.2, DROID Bionic and Motorola Xoom Family Edition in the