HTC Unlocks More Bootloaders This Time Legacy Devices

It’s hard to think of a device that’s just over two years old as a “legacy” device, but at the super fast way Android travels, a legacy device could have been released last summer. HTC is preparing a huge press event at Mobile World Congress. They’ve already said they are putting tablets on the back

Motorola Atrix Gingerbread Update Ready To Go

Motorola Atrix users on AT&T will be rejoiced to find the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update available on their handsets now. The Gingerbread update brings HD 1080p video playback, an enhanced and simpler home screen and an update user interface. Developer’s and fans of rooting phones will also be pleasantly surprised that this update unlocks the

HTC Sensation & Evo 3D To Have Bootloaders Unlocked In August captured a great bit of news from the official HTC Facebook page regarding locked bootloaders. You may remember earlier this year HTC’s CEO Peter Chou announced, by way of their Facebook page, that HTC would support the developer community with unlocked bootloaders. More after the break