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Unlocked Galaxy S5 now available via eBay Daily Deals for $699.99

The unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 is now being sold via eBay in the U.S. for a relatively reasonable price. This Daily Deals listing has the smartphone up for $699.99 with one day shipping available at an extra cost. We’re guessing this is a South Korean import, which is pretty much the only place where the Galaxy

Kit Kat Rolls Out To HTC One Developer And Unlocked U.S. Units

HTC previously announced that the Android 4.4 Kit Kat update to the HTC One was going to be available this January. The latest official tweet made by the company however says that it will be rolling out today. The twitter account of the company @HTCONE just made a post that says “HTC One Unlocked and

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How to Block Verizon Updates Successfully

If you happened to be running a rooted or unlocked Android phone, it is important for you to block Verizon updates that come over the air. This is because choosing to receive and install the updates will definitely screw up your apps or the overall system of your device. The worst thing that could come

Unlocked HTC One Priced At $800 In The US

AT&T and Sprint have already started taking pre-orders for HTC One that’s expected to ship by April 19. Both carriers have priced this at $199.99. T-Mobile on the other hand despite not taking pre-orders will also be releasing this flagship device on April 19 with a cash out of $99 and $20 every month for

BlackBerry Z10 Available This March Unlocked From Clove

The BlackBerry Z10 made its first appearance to the major operators in the UK last January 31. Those who got the device did so by signing long contracts with their respective carriers. Those planning to get the device now have the option to get it unlocked and sim free this coming March 1. Clove has

Walmart Selling iPhone 5 With Straight Talk’s Unlimited Plans

It’s easy to forget about the Apple iPhone 5, when we’re being surrounded by tons of new smartphones each day. But with the kind of status that Apple holds, it’s hard to write them off when a newer smartphone arrives, for the simple reason that the iPhones just don’t stop selling. But thinking from the


Nexus 4 Now Out Of Stock On T-Mobile’s Website

After Google’s LG-manufactured Nexus 4 went live on the Play Store, it was only minutes before it was sold out. That wasn’t the case for T-Mobile though, as it’s taken them a bit longer to see the new device go out of stock. T-Mobile has been selling the Nexus 4 for $199 with a new

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II Available At NewEgg

The most sought after phone this year has got to be the Samsung Galaxy S II. Although the T-Mobile version has clearly appeared in pictures, and every other carriers variant has been rumored, it’s still not here stateside. If you can’t wait you can get it unlocked now. NewEgg Canada is carrying the unlocked Samsung