T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans are here to stay

T-Mobile’s unlimited data pricing was bumped by $15 last year taking the price all the way up to $95. The company has now mentioned that this tier is not going anywhere, amidst criticism from some users about the pricing being too steep. The carrier is supposedly “comfortable” with the unlimited data plans that it’s currently


T-Mobile could be doing away with unlimited data gradually

Unlimited data isn’t a very lucrative offering for carriers. T-Mobile seems to be feeling the punch now as it has mentioned that it will slowly move away from unlimited data plans. It has already made this an unattractive proposition for many by increasing prices once per year for the past two years. The company CFO, Braxton

AT&T NumberSync

AT&T to increase prices of legacy unlimited plans by $5 in Q1 2016

Following reports from earlier today, AT&T has now confirmed that the prices of its legacy unlimited plans will be increased by $5, bringing the total cost to $35 each month. This is not exactly a surprise as we’ve already seen #Verizon bumping up the price of its unlimited data plans by $20 while T-Mobile also recently increased prices of

Verizon Will Hike Unlimited Data Prices By $20

If you still have an unlimited data plan with Verizon, prepare for a monthly bill increase. Starting November 15th, all customers who are out of contract will see their unlimited data bill increase to $49.99 from $29.99. Verizon stopped offering unlimited data to new customers back in 2011, so it’s unlikely that many people are

The FTC Has Filed Suit Against AT&T For Misleading Unlimited Data

The US Federal Trade Commission (the FTC) has filed a lawsuit against AT&T saying they have mislead millions of customers with promises of unlimited data. They believe that AT&T has throttled some users’ speeds to be 90% slower than normal. AT&T of course no longer offers unlimited data, but they have been throttling users who have used as

Millions Of AT&T Customers Overpaying For Data

AT&T’s data has been a hot news item as of late. They recently lost a small claims lawsuit by a customer who was throttled even though he had unlimited data for the iPhone.  Now, a study reported via consumer reports revealed that over half of AT&T’s customers may be paying too much for data. The

If MetroPCS Drops Their Unlimited Plan Does Anybody Notice?

Despite the fact that MetroPCS is a prepaid carrier, they were the first in the United States to introduce 4G LTE. They even beat Verizon to the punch, although Verizon now has the largest 4G/LTE network in the country. When MetroPCS introduced their 4G/LTE network they did it with the Samsung Craft a 4G/LTE feature

Virgin Mobile To Start Throttling Unlimited Data In March

This whole throttling unlimited data business is a sticky issue. Take T-Mobile and Walmart for instance, yesterday we ran this story highlighting the fact that T-Mobile will start offering their Walmart Family Mobile customers unlimited data for $45 a month. While that sounds like a great offer it’s only for the first 5gb a month,

Walmart & T-Mobile Add Unlimited Plan

T-Mobile and Walmart have added a new Unlimited Talk, Text and Web Plan to their Walmart Family Mobile Plans. Last year Walmart teamed up with T-Mobile to offer value based smartphone and traditional mobile phone solutions to Walmart customers under the Walmart Family Mobile branding an exclusive venture with the nations 4th largest carries. According

Sprint Ends Unlimited Data Except For Smartphones

Sprint has made a bold move by announcing that effective November 1, 2011 they are eliminating unlimited 4G data for hotspots, usb sticks and other mobile broadband devices. However they want to make sure that everyone knows right now they aren’t changing anything with unlimited data for smartphones.   More after the break

US Cellular Moving To Tiered Data, Bad Q2 Results

Sometimes we like to look out for the littler guys. After always focusing on Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, Sprint and T-Mobile, companies like MetroPCS, Cellular South and US Cellular really contribute to the overall ecosystem while maintaining a regional or local base. US Cellular’s CEO Mary Dillon said in their recent Q2 earnings call that

AT&T To Throttle Some Unlimited Customers Starting 10/1

AT&T said in a release Friday that they are taking steps to manage the “exploding demand” for mobile data.  As a result they will start throttling their heaviest unlimited customers. Although AT&T was the first to convert to tiered data plans, those who were grandfathered into their existing unlimited data plans and fall into the