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OnePlus 3 will soon be expensive in the UK following Brexit

OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3

Right after the UK voted to leave the European Union, #OnePlus posted a warning of sorts to its fans that the #OnePlus3 might soon be expensive given the fluctuation in the British Pound (GBP) compared to the U.S. Dollar (USD). Well, it hasn’t taken long for that day to finally arrive as OnePlus has now announced that the handset will be expensive by £20 to cost £329 ($425). This isn’t a major increase, but the handset is more expensive now anyway.

The changes will come into effect starting July 11, so there’s still some time till OnePlus forces the price increase. So if you were planning to get the handset, make sure you do so before Monday.

We completely understand OnePlus’ reasoning behind doing this as they are in a business where making profits or at least breaking even is necessary for the survival of a company. Given that OnePlus is already offering a pretty decent set of hardware for a fraction of the price, we’re sure the customers won’t have a problem with the price increase, especially since it’s not OnePlus’ fault.

Source: OnePlus Forums

LG G3 available for purchase in the UK ahead of global rollout

LG G3 available for purchase in the UK ahead of global rollout

LG recently announced that the LG G3 would be rolling out to markets outside South Korea from June 27th, but retailers and carriers in the UK have jumped the gun and are selling the QHD screen device from today itself. The G3 is available from Carphone Warehouse, Three and O2, with pricing starting at £479.95, and with Three offering a £70 price cut on the LG G Watch for those who buy the phone and smartwatch together.


HTC One getting Sense 6 update on O2 and Three in the UK

HTC One getting Sense 6 update on O2 and Three in the UK

Those owning the original HTC One and using them on the O2 or Three networks in the UK can now update their phone to the latest version of HTC’s proprietary UI. The company is currently rolling out the Sense 6 update to O2 and Three networks, according to its UK support page, and also to the unlocked GSM model in the country. (more…)

HTC One M8 in Blue already up for pre-order in the UK

HTC One M8 Blue

HTC One M8 Blue

We saw the blue variant of the HTC One M8 leaking out a couple of days ago. And today, the smartphone has gone up for pre-order in the UK, even before HTC officially announces the device. Local retailer Mobilefun has listed this “Aqua Blue” variant of the HTC flagship on its website carrying a price tag of $927.99 unlocked and off contract.

This is considerably more than the off contract pricing of the smartphone in the U.S. which doesn’t exceed $700 in most cases. So it’s clear that customers will have to pay a premium for the new color variant, which seems a little unfair.

We’re guessing the pricing will eventually come down when other retailers start selling the handset. But if you’re too keen on getting the blue variant of the One M8 instead of the already pleasant Gunmetal Gray or Glacial Silver options, you can head over to the link below.

We can expect American carriers to also start selling the Aqua Blue One M8 sometime soon, although no carrier has stepped forward with a word yet.

Source: MobileFun

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HTC Desire 610 now up for pre-order in the UK

HTC Desire 610

The HTC Desire 610 smartphone was unveiled back in late February by HTC along with the Desire 816. With the two smartphones making the rounds in Asia for a while now, HTC has finally decided to launch the Desire 610 in the UK for £235 ($394).

This is only a pre-order listing for now and stocks won’t start arriving until early May, so reserve a unit now if you want to be the first to get it. The pricing is fairly aggressive for a midrange device and it seems like HTC is learning from its past mistakes.

The Desire 816 has been very popular for HTC, so the company will hope to replicate some of that success with the Desire 610 as well. The smartphone packs a 4.7 inch 960 x 540 resolution display, a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 quad core SoC, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 1GB of RAM, 8-megapixel camera on the back and a 2,040 mAh battery pack. Head over to the Clove UK link below to pre-order the Desire 610 right away.

Source: Clove

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Initial batch of Sony Xperia Z2 pre-orders start shipping out in the UK

Sony Xperia Z2

Despite talk of a delay in the rollout of the Sony Xperia Z2 in the UK, retailers in the region have managed to start shipping out devices today. This comes on the back of reports which suggested that shortage in components is causing Sony to push back the launch to May.

This perk however could only be limited to customers who pre-ordered the smartphone early and not those who have placed orders recently. So this doesn’t come as confirmation of Sony resolving its supply issues just yet. But it’s good to see that Sony and the retailers are honoring pre-orders of the device by shipping out the device in time as promised.

It is believed that the likes of EE, Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U have started delivering the smartphone to customers across the UK, so if you pre-ordered the smartphone from either of these carriers/retailers, you should expect an email regarding delivery in your inbox soon.

Sony Xperia Z2 Box

Via: Xperia Blog

Sony Xperia Z2 will land in the UK on May 1

Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2

Sony has come out with a word on the shortage issue of the Xperia Z2 providing some good news to residents of the UK. Customers who have already pre-ordered the device will get it next week, while new customers will have to wait until May 1 to get their hands on the smartphone. This comes as some parts of the world are seeing delays of 2-3 months, so it seems like Sony is providing its premier flagship to markets on a priority basis.

It will be interesting to see how Sony will cope up with the demand for the Xperia Z2 in the UK and other parts of Europe. Retailers like Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U have already confirmed that customers who have pre-ordered the device through their channels can be assured of getting the smartphone next week. Fellow UK retailer Clove won’t start shipping the smartphone until mid-May though.

Sony has acknowledged the supply issue of the smartphone, but that’s clearly not affecting the launch of the smartphone in the UK. With Sony’s flagship devices not having a massive presence in the U.S., the company will have to do whatever it can to make them a success in markets of Asia and Europe.

Source: Carphone Warehouse, Clove UK, Phones4U

Via: GSM Arena

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8 – price comparison (US, Canada, UK)

Equally as speedy, pretty much even in the build quality department and each featuring top-shelf audio, imaging, battery or software add-ons such as BoomSound, Dual Camera, Ultra Power Saving Mode or Air gestures, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and HTC’s One M8 are nearly impossible to separate on paper.


Most reviewers say it’s incredibly hard to choose one or the other after getting in contact with them, so at the end of the day the epic battle for high-end Android supremacy this quarter, nay half a year may come down to availability and pricing.

Needless to point out Samsung is far superior advertising-wise, however HTC already managed to roll out the M8 ahead of the GS5, so if the Taiwanese can also position their flagship as the cost-friendly alternative for the odds-on favorite, they might well challenge the throne.


Could they pull it off? Only one way to find out. Scour the interwebs for the best HTC One (M8) and Samsung Galaxy S5 deals available. Here’s what we dug up in US, Canada and UK:

US on-contract prices and release dates

Technically, our two contenders were bound to start things off on equal footing. But HTC sensed the danger almost instantaneously and shaved a cool $50 off M8’s price with select pacts in the blink of an eye. Thus, the 2014 One can now be purchased via Amazon at $150 as long as you don’t mind committing to lengthy 24-month Verizon or Sprint agreements.

A similar promotion is in full swing over at Best Buy, though the retailer offers just the Verizon M8 at $150. The Sprint and AT&T variants cost 50 clams north, as does the AT&T flavor on Amazon and through the carrier’s own retail network, both on and offline.

HTC M8 Amazon

Searching the ideal Easter present? Why not HTC One M8? Get two from Verizon, and the second is free. Full disclosure: two separate contracts need to be signed.

Beyond the few bucks Amazon and BB allow you to save when boarding the M8 bandwagon, the coolest thing is there are no lines, staggered deliveries or shipping delays, unlike with the GS5. Samsung’s bad boy is technically still on pre-order and the first units will be dispatched beginning Friday, April 11.

Galaxy S5 Amazon

Sprint and AT&T’s locked variants are $190 on Amazon, $200 via Best Buy with $10 gift cards, and $200 when purchased directly from the Now Network and Ma Bell, albeit the former can go as low as $0 for upgrading qualifying customers with Framily Plans.

Still, I reckon it’s point HTC here.

Galaxy S5 vs One M8 – US outright, unlocked pricing

Not a fan of contracts? Then it’s straight to T-Mobile for you. The “UnCarrier” has both smartphones at $0 down, or rather, it’s going to have them starting April 11. Yes, the M8 is bizarrely not around at T-Mo.

HTC M8 box

If coughing up half a dozen Benjamins at once ain’t a problem, Amazon, Best Buy, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and Negri Electronics are at your disposal. Here’s how their offers break down one by one:

Amazon: unlocked 3G-only Galaxy S5 – $775, shipping April 11; no-warranty Latin version – $745, in stock; no-warranty factory unlocked model – $750, in stock; off-contract Sprint version – $700; off-contract AT&T – $700.

Factory unlocked HTC One M8 with US warranty – $700 in grey, $704 in silver; M8 Developer Edition – $700, ships in 2 to 4 weeks; AT&T, Verizon, Sprint versions – $650

Best Buy: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 outright variants – $750; No-contract MetroPCS with 4G LTE – $650

HTC One M8 for AT&T – $700; Verizon version – $750; for Sprint – $800

Galaxy S5 Verizon

AT&T: Samsung Galaxy S5 – $650; HTC M8 – $640

Sprint: Galaxy S5 – $650; One M8 – $650

Verizon: GS5 – $600; All New HTC One – $600

Negri Electronics: Unlocked Latin American Galaxy S5 models in white and black – $720.50 on pre-order

16 GB unlocked HTC One M8 in silver, gold and grey – $812.50 a pop (grey units in stock, silver and gold on pre-order)

Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 – UK prices

So many things to say, so little time to cover them all. Where to start? Let’s take a virtual trip down Amazon UK lane first. The SIM-free One M8 is £529.95 there (already discounted from £549), in both grey and silver. No gold? Bummer.

HTC M8 colors

Meanwhile, the GS5 is listed as coming on April 18 (i.e. next Friday), costing an extra 30 quid or so. Total price: £559.99 in black, blue and white contract-free.

Surprise, surprise, the S5 is cheaper with Clove than the M8, going for £522, including VAT. HTC’s giant? £534. How about Unlocked-Mobiles? Well, they do promise swift deliveries beginning April 10, but folks on tight budgets are likely to pick the in-stock M8. It’s £528.98 vs. £549.98, the GS5.

Alright, let’s do one last British online store. Expansys? Expansys it is. Like most of their competitors, they’re in a position to ship the HTC One M8, but not the GS5. The former is £550 in grey and silver, and the latter £560 in black, white, blue and gold. It looks like Samsung may need to rethink strategy before it’s too late.


Oh, by the by, you can always score the two heavyweight title contenders with pacts on British shores paying nada upfront. Just remember plans might be fairly steep for the obligatory two years.

Canada pricing and availability

O Canada, how I wish I had better news for you vis-à-vis the GS5. Instead, all I can tell you is a bundle of carriers, Rogers, Bell and Telus included, are taking pre-orders, vowing to zippy deliveries around April 10. Pricing is equally as ominous, at $250 with contracts, compared to the One M8, which ships already and costs $230 on a 2-year term, or $700 outright.


It’s official, Samsung is losing this battle. Will the Koreans lose the war too? You tell us. Do you intend to get the M8 or GS5? Will you instead hold out for Sony’s Xperia Z2? Maybe LG’s G3? Google’s Nexus 6? Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4? So many options, huh?

Samsung Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit available in the UK already

Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung Gear Fit

The Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and the Gear Fit smartwatches are expected to land in the markets officially on the 11th of April. However, UK retailer Unlocked Mobiles is already selling the Gear Fit and the Gear 2 Neo a week ahead of its official release. It is said that the Gear 2 Neo is the most popular at the moment with both devices selling with a price tag of £179.98 ($299). Only the black models are said to be in stock at the moment.

Considering that the Gear devices are compatible with older Samsung devices as well, this news doesn’t surprise us. However, we’re not sure if this is merely the retailer’s doing or if Samsung has given the permission to launch these wearables ahead of launch to leverage the massive hype and demand.

The Gear 2 Neo is very similar to the Gear 2 in terms of looks, but it lacks certain hardware features which justifies the low price tag. When available, the Gear 2 is slated to cost $399 globally, so it certainly won’t go easy on your wallets.

Source: Unlocked Mobiles

Via: Sam Mobile

Sony says the Xperia Z2 won’t be available in the UK until May

Xperia Z2

The Sony Xperia Z2 handset has been known to be facing supply related issues since a few days ago. Sony Mobile has now confirmed this with some bad news as well. Pre-order customers in the UK will not be able to get their hands on the Xperia Z2 flagship at least until May according to the manufacturer. The company hasn’t given a specific date for the launch, but an early to mid-May release is expected.

It was initially believed that the manufacturer was not able to launch the handset in time due to demand from the customers, but that is clearly not the case. The handset was originally expected to launch on the 11th of April, but a delay of 2-3 more weeks will certainly hurt the company’s sales, especially since the Samsung Galaxy S5 is launching on the same day.

It seems like the company ran into some last minute supply chain issues which has caused this unexpected delay. The manufacturer stopped pre-orders from its site a few days ago, which was almost an indication of the inevitable. As a ray of hope though, retailer Clove is still taking pre-orders for the handset and has assured pre-order customers that they will be the first to get the handset when it breaks cover in May.

It is yet to be known if this delay will affect other parts of the globe, particularly Asia where Sony devices have performed well over the years.

Source: Clove UK Blog

Via: Phone Arena

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 now up for pre-order in the UK


Samsung’s latest flagship is now available for pre-ordering in the UK, right on the scheduled date that was announced a couple of days ago. Major retailers Carphone Warehouse, Phones 4u and Amazon are now taking pre-orders, and so are carriers Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three, with the SIM-free price starting from as low as £559.99.  (more…)

Google Chromecast already making its way to the UK ahead


The Google Chromecast was expected to hit the UK on the 19th of March. However, some retailers like Currys and PC World are already selling the device through their online stores a day ahead of its release. Pricing has been set at £30 ($50), which is slightly more than the American pricing, but a small trade off considering that Google is officially selling the device in the region now. There’s no word on whether Chromecast will be sold through the Play Store in the UK, but retail availability through major retailers is good news nonetheless.

Unfortunately both items are listed as out of stock on Currys and PC World at the moment, so customers might have to wait for a couple of days to get the dongle home. Amazon UK is yet to list the dongle on its site, so the options are fairly limited at the moment. It is possible that most of the stocks have been stacked up for in-store customers, so walking up to Currys or PC World retail outlet near your location might not be a bad idea.


Source: Currys, PC World

Via: Android Police

Samsung rolling out Android 4.4.2 for the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S4 in the UK

Galaxy S4 KitKat

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3 in the UK will start receiving the Android 4.4.2 update today. The update will be available as an OTA, so you might not have to wait long to get the notification. However, if you haven’t received the update yet, make sure you check the Settings to pull the update manually.

As with the rest of Samsung’s Android 4.4.2 updates, this one too will bring the usual suite of changes, mostly pertaining to some UI elements. Samsung is keeping its user interface relatively unchanged though, so most of what you will see will be stock Android related improvements, such as the change in the color of the status bar icons, camera shortcut from the lockscreen etc. Users can also expect a bump in performance after the update with their Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung has been one of the first manufacturers to finish the rollout of Android 4.4 to its devices, along with HTC. The likes of Sony and LG are still quite behind as far as updates are concerned, so maybe they could take  a leaf out of Samsung’s book.

Via: GSM Arena

Samsung Galaxy S5 availability and pricing roundup – US, Canada, Europe and India

Prime or no Prime version in the pipeline, Samsung’s “standard” Galaxy S5 is still poised to lead Android smartphone sales for the next six to nine months. Regardless of what analysts anticipate, and increasing competitiveness of rivals LG or Sony, Sammy’s marketing juggernaut is a well enough oiled machine to secure healthy buzz once the 5.2-incher goes up for grabs.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Whether S5 purchases will remain steady, say, through the end of the summer greatly depends on what other antagonists, primarily Apple and HTC, bring to the table. Pricing looks like a key factor too, plus let’s not forget timing.

By timing, we mean S5’s release schedule, but also its obligatory future discounts, and most importantly, Prime’s ETA. Bottom line, the next big thing’s blockbuster potential leans on a stockpile of elements and components, some of which are unraveling as we speak.


Without further ado, here’s all we know of possibly the two most vital factors, Galaxy S5 availability and pricing, around the world:

US roundup – when, where, how much

Samsung may have committed to a simultaneous commercial launch on April 11 in roughly 150 countries, which no doubt includes the US of A, however we know better than blindly trust a promise of this nature.

It’s not only their call, so the shipping start might depend on carriers and retailers as well. For now, all big four wireless providers have pre-registration pages set up, with no words on when actual pre-orders will go live.

Galaxy S5 Sprint

T-Mobile and Sprint vaguely hint the Galaxy S5 is “coming April 2014”, whereas Verizon and AT&T are even more discrete, mentioning nada on timelines. Price tags? We wish we had something solid, substantial to give you, but I’m afraid you’ll need to settle for guesses.

Educated guesses, but guesses nevertheless – $200 with two-year pacts across Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, and around $650, maybe $700 full retail price via T-Mo, as well as MetroPCS. Boost and Virgin Mobile are themselves expected to carry the handheld, though they’re part of a second wave of launches, slated for “sometime in Q2”. Translation: May or June.

Galaxy S5 Verizon

Several third-party retailers, including Best Buy and RadioShack, want to update you on availability news as soon as it breaks, but at the moment keep everything on the hush-hush, just like carriers do. Oh, well, odds are pre-orders will begin in one or two weeks, so the mystery shall be shattered before long.

Samsung Galaxy S5 in Canada

Folks looking to score an S5 up north don’t have the full story yet either, however they do know plenty given how early it still is. Eleven carriers around those parts forecast they’ll be able to offer the water-shielded phone starting in April, with Telus, Rogers, Bell, Videotron, Virgin and Wind Mobile leading the pack.


Of them all, Telus has come forward with the most detailed information, pretty much confirming the S5 is to cost $249 with pacts, though “prices may change”. Yes, $250 is a little steep, and it’s unsettling from a stateside perspective, but Canadians and US networks are not always on the same wavelength, so don’t panic… yet.

Europe availability and pricing

As usual, the hustle and bustle is underway early on the old continent, as Orange Romania officially became the world’s first operator to accept S5 pre-orders a few days ago. Surprisingly, the Eastern European service provider still lists stocks as “sufficient” and promises delivery around April 11 for €700 outright and €250 and up on-contract.

Meanwhile, multiple regional Amazon branches apparently gear up to charge the same €700 in countries like Germany, Italy or Spain. Too pricey? Then you’ll be happy to hear at least one Dutch seller plans to ask €650 for the 16 GB variant.


Rumors from Bulgaria also call for a sub-€700 price tag (€660 or so, to be specific), and in France Bouygues Telecom lists the Galaxy S5 at a fairly reasonable €649. That’s $900 for the record, which may sound anything but reasonable to American ears. Only Europeans are used to cough up such premiums on top-of-the-line Androids, due to high import taxes.

Interestingly, Russia, a notoriously expensive market, is on the verge of nabbing the Samsung Galaxy S5 at €600, or $830, and Sweden, Finland and the Czech Republic fall in line with their Western cousins, at €700, or $970.

By the by, pre-orders seem to be live now in a host of nations, via a bunch of retailers, so you may want to secure a place in front of the line.

Galaxy S5 Handtec

Oh, right, I nearly forgot about our UK-based readers. Good news, blokes and gals, early pledges of allegiance can be made on Clove, Expansys, Unlocked-Mobiles and Handtec. Oddly, only two of the four have been bold enough to put a price on the SIM-free 16 GB GS5: £545.99 including VAT at Handtec, and £549.98 all taxes covered at Unlocked-Mobiles.

That’s $910 give or take, which sounds costly, but it’s essentially in the ballpark we expected on British shores. First stock is due April 11 through Clove and Unlocked-Mobiles, while the other two aren’t ready to reveal a date. But it can’t vary too much.

As for on-contract pricing, we’re extremely light on specifics. Not that it’s any big secret – Three, Vodafone, O2, EE and Virgin Media shall “sell” the S5 for no upfront fee on their heftiest monthly plans. Also beginning on or around April 11. Everyone ready to rumble?

Samsung Galaxy S5 in India

Saholic caught everyone off guard when briefly selling the Samsung Galaxy S5 last week for an almost unbelievably low INR 45,500, which translates into $740, or €535. But will that pan out as an official price tag, or did the merchant just try to score some easy, free publicity?


Only one way to find out – wait until April 11, at the latest, for shipping to reboot. Fingers crossed, y’all.

Now, feel free to update us on any new developments we may have missed, and sound off below with a simple “yay” or “nay” if you’re thinking of buying the Galaxy S5 or snubbing it. Is it a must-buy at $650, €700 and £550, or does Samsung need to think about trims already?