Ubuntu for Phones inviting community help

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth announced Ubuntu for Phones on first working day of this year. From the looks of it, it has the potential to become a widely accepted mobile platform. Here we have a new mobile platform that will be involving the community in the design and development process. Canonical has been previously criticized

Ubuntu for phones image to come in late February

Canonical has been working on adapting Ubuntu for touchscreen usage for quite a while now and recently they announced their foray into the mobile space by announcing their plans for Ubuntu for Phone. The first look at Ubuntu for Phone excites me. Ubuntu for Phone is not just any other smartphone OS, but a fully

Quick review of Ubuntu for Phone

Canonical showed us the Ubuntu for Phone on first working day of year 2013. We all thought that they are going to launch the Ubuntu for Android officially, but I was surprised to see that Canonical went ahead and launched Ubuntu for Phone, so let’s take a look at what it has got to offer