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Ubuntu For Android Is No Longer Being Developed

When Ubuntu for Android was announced during the MWC 2012 a lot of people were interested about it. This project aimed to bring Ubuntu to mobile devices by allowing it to co-exist with Android in a single smartphone. The smartphone will still work as it usually does however if the user wants a desktop experience

Ubuntu to announce a new product in 2 hrs

Linux is considered to be mother of all operating systems. It’s free and used almost everywhere, though not many people notice it. Linux is used in majority of web servers and most of the supercomputers also make use of Linux. For desktop use, there are a lot of free distributions available, but the most popular

Ubuntu For Android to Be Launched January 2?

If you head out over to the Ubuntu homepage you will see a countdown timer prominently displayed at the center. This timer reaches zero on January 2 and the only clue given is the tagline that says “So close, you can almost touch it”. While we could speculate as to what this really is the