Meizu MX4 Ubuntu

Meizu to show off Ubuntu version of the MX4 smartphone at the MWC

Ubuntu Touch has been available for quite some time now. Canonical, the developers behind Ubuntu, have partnered with a number of manufacturers to show off the software on their devices. It seems like Chinese manufacturer Meizu will be the latest to join the list of companies to support Ubuntu. The company will reportedly show off

Ubuntu Edge smartphone fails to reach $32M goal

The Ubuntu Edge smartphone was unable to reach its fixed funding goal of $32 million on Indiegogo. Its campaign to fund the dual OS device ended today. Canonical, the team behind the Ubuntu Edge smartphone, says that that despite the failure, the campaign brought about many positive things. Support Canonical thanked its backers, which number

Ubuntu Edge

Canonical Ubuntu Edge sets new crowdfunding record

Canonical Ubuntu Edge has set a new record as the highest-earning fixed crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. It has surpassed the record set by the Pebble smartwatch by raising $10,671,147 in funds even before its campaign ends on August 21st, or five days from today. Pebble, for its part, raised $10,266,845 for its smartwatch, and held its

Crowdfunding the Ubuntu Edge: Is it worth your US$830?

Source: Ubuntu Should you invest US$830 in trying to fund the creation of the Ubuntu Edge? For the first 5,000 takers or twenty-four hours, you could sign up for an Ubuntu Edge, to be delivered in May 2014 for US$600. The first 5,040 takers were signed up for an Ubuntu Edge in less than thirteen

Ubuntu Edge: Has the age of the SmartBrick arrived?

Image Source: Ubuntu The Ubuntu Edge smartphone is the embodiment of all the aspirations Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu Founder and Chief Guru, has for Canonical and its Ubuntu Linux operating system. In 2011, foreseeing the decline of the desktop market, Canonical embarked on a project to take the Ubuntu desktop operating system mobile. The initiative, announced

Ubuntu Edge by the Numbers: Twelve Hours and US$3 Million

Twelve hours ago, Canonical started its campaign to crowd source funding for its first smartphone, the Ubuntu Edge. This is probably the most ambitious crowd sourcing campaign in history. Canonical aims to raise US$32 million in thirty days. In less than thirteen hours, Canonical has raised a tad over US$3 million. Those contributing US$600 for

Dell offers Alienware X51 gaming Pc running Ubuntu Linux OS

Dell adds new range of Alienware gaming PCs to its portfolio; the company started off by offering Alienware Laptops & PCs for Windows users but for now PCs will come with Ubuntu Linux OS installed as standard. Meanwhile Ubuntu is experimenting with its smartphone structured OS; another happy news strikes the market with the availability

Canonical to launch Ubuntu based tablets

Canonical has decided to race against Android and iOS for the top spot in the tablet zone. The company is planning to showcase its two new tablets in the mobile world congress commencing 25th Feb 2013. Canonical has designed two tablets to run on popular operating system Ubuntu. Surprising OS for a tablet but the

Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview Now Available for Download

Ubuntu Touch or Ubuntu Mobile OS is one of the new mobile OSes under development in 2013. This year has been rightly touted as the year of new mobile OSes as we’re going to see many new platforms surface. To begin with, the Firefox OS is currently seeing widespread coverage, then there’s the Tizen OS

Kite HD Tablet Running Ubuntu Now Up For Pre-Order

While most major manufacturers are releasing various tablet models in the market an Italian company called Italian DaVinci Mobile Technology is releasing the Kite HD tablet which runs on Ubuntu. It’s not using the Ubuntu mobile operating system but the full Ubuntu 12.04 OS that’s also being used in PC’s. The best part of this

Ubuntu for phones image to come in late February

Canonical has been working on adapting Ubuntu for touchscreen usage for quite a while now and recently they announced their foray into the mobile space by announcing their plans for Ubuntu for Phone. The first look at Ubuntu for Phone excites me. Ubuntu for Phone is not just any other smartphone OS, but a fully

Ubuntu For Phones Launched By Canonical

Smartphones are nothing but handheld computers having processors with very low power needs. Like any computer, software or the operating system plays a major role in how the hardware is used and the ultimate experience of the device is based on the operating system itself because it is the one that manages all the resources,

Ubuntu to announce a new product in 2 hrs

Linux is considered to be mother of all operating systems. It’s free and used almost everywhere, though not many people notice it. Linux is used in majority of web servers and most of the supercomputers also make use of Linux. For desktop use, there are a lot of free distributions available, but the most popular

Ubuntu For Android to Be Launched January 2?

If you head out over to the Ubuntu homepage you will see a countdown timer prominently displayed at the center. This timer reaches zero on January 2 and the only clue given is the tagline that says “So close, you can almost touch it”. While we could speculate as to what this really is the

Nexus 7 Developers Can Now Use The Ubuntu Installer

Earlier this week we had seen that Canonical was going to start putting more resources towards getting Ubuntu ready for the mobile world. The first developer devices for this project is actually and not surprisingly Google’s Nexus 7. As we continue to move closer to the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS), there is not an install

Nexphone Team Appeals For Support On Indiegogo

A team creating a product called the NexPhone is asking for assistance via the website Indiegogo. The NexPhone is a smartphone that has been nicknamed “the brain in your pocket.” By itself, the smartphone will run on Ubuntu for Android software. This software will allow users to enjoy many apps designed for productivity and entertainment.