U.S. Cellular Bringing 5G to Two States by 2020

U.S. Cellular has just announced the launch of its first 5G markets starting in early 2020. The carrier will also make improvements to its existing 4G LTE networks which will offer improved range and coverage to existing users. The carrier is switching on the 600 MHz spectrum for 5G connectivity. As of now, U.S. Cellular

[Deal] U.S. Cellular 32GB Galaxy S6 for $224.99

The U.S. Cellular #Samsung #GalaxyS6 is now available via eBay for just $224.99. The seller usually offers variants from other carriers as well, but they’re currently sold out. Unfortunately, the phone is only available in a solitary 32GB configuration, so you don’t have much in terms of storage options. But if that’s not much of

Galaxy Note 7 Render

Samsung partners with U.S. Cellular to open ‘stores-within-stores’

#Samsung and U.S. Cellular have joined forces in order to bolster the former’s retail presence in the country. The two have signed a deal to launch something simply known as a “store-within-a-store”. Roughly put, this will see the addition of Samsung outlets within U.S. Cellular retail locations. While U.S. Cellular is not necessarily the most

Google Project Fi

Project Fi updated with support for U.S. Cellular

The #ProjectFi app on #Android is now receiving a new update which officially brings support for U.S. Cellular’s networks. This is the third carrier after T-Mobile and Sprint to join Project Fi, thus increasing the list of major carriers on Google’s dedicated cellular service. What this means is that those with U.S. Cellular coverage in

CyanogenMod 13 now available for Sprint and U.S. Cellular Galaxy S5

Just as T-Mobile starts sending out #Android 6.0 #Marshmallow to the #GalaxyS5, the #CyanogenMod team has made the update available for the Sprint and U.S. Cellular variants as well. This won’t be similar to T-Mobile’s update, though, mainly because CyanogenMod 13 comes with some custom features that are otherwise not available on OEM devices. Bear


LG G5 coming to U.S. Cellular on April 1

The #LGG5 smartphone still doesn’t have a concrete arrival date. The device was announced along with the #Samsung #GalaxyS7 and the S7 edge, but is yet to reach customers. However, according to a new revelation made by a known source, the smartphone will be up on pre-order from U.S. Cellular starting March 28, with availability supposedly

U.S. Cellular launches new prepaid plans for as little as $35

American carrier U.S. Cellular has just launched a series of Simple Choice prepaid plans starting at just $30 for basic phones and $35 for smartphones. The Simple Choice plans have multiple tiers with each tier offering increased data, while all of them have free voice minutes and texts. And to make the service more appealing to users, the carrier is

U.S. Cellular Cuts Prices On Shared Connect Data Plans

Not being one of the “big four” carriers in the US, some people tend to forget about U.S. Cellular. Today, U.S. Cellular is looking to bring in more customers by cutting the prices of their Shared Connect data plans. The new prices are actually pretty cheap. 1 GB is $25 per month, plus a $20

Third gen Moto G with LTE now available from U.S. Cellular

The third gen #MotoG (LTE) was launched nearly a month ago by #Motorola. The smartphone is now making its way to U.S. Cellular with a relatively cheap price tag. You can get the smartphone with a two year contract for just $0.01 (1 cent), while there’s also the monthly installment option for $8.99 per month over

Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 going up on pre-order today

Samsung’s high end #GalaxyTabS2 tablets are going on pre-order starting today with availability slated to commence on the 3rd of September. The tablets will be compatible with #Verizon, AT&T (September 4), #T-Mobile as well as U.S. Cellular’s networks. Both the 9.7 inch and 8 inch models are on offer here, so customers have enough choice with

LG G Pad F 8.0 - U.S. Cellular

LG G Pad F 8.0 hits U.S. Cellular for $252

The LG G Pad F 8.0 tablet has just made its way to U.S. Cellular for $252. For those not in the loop about LG’s new tablet, this one here sports a full blown stylus that can be used with the device. It’s a standard capacitive stylus though, so you won’t see Samsung S-Pen like

U.S. Cellular LG G4 to be available starting June 4

Interested customers of the LG G4 can pre-order the device from U.S. Cellular starting May 29, as we’ve already mentioned. T-Mobile will begin pre-orders of the smartphone tomorrow with availability slated for early June. So regardless of which carrier you’re signed up with, the LG G4 will be in your hands by early June. The LG

Samsung Galaxy S5 on U.S. Cellular getting Lollipop

The Samsung Galaxy S5 on U.S. Cellular is now receiving the coveted Android 5.0 Lollipop update. That’s Android 5.0.1 to be precise. This build is what’s running on all carrier variants of the Galaxy S5 now, with no word from Samsung on when the Android 5.1 update will be ready. Android 5.0.1 on the Galaxy S5

LG G Flex 2 launching through U.S. Cellular on March 26

America’s fifth largest carrier, U.S. Cellular has just announced its intentions to launch the LG G Flex 2 smartphone in the country starting the 26th of February. The G Flex 2 is already available in the U.S. through carriers like Sprint, so U.S. Cellular won’t be the first to offer the smartphone. The LG flagship can

2014 Moto X

U.S. Cellular Moto X (2014) now getting the Lollipop update

The Moto X (2014) from U.S. Cellular is finally receiving the Android 5.0 update after a very long wait. Every other carrier out there has sent out the update to the smartphone, so we’re not really sure what took the carrier this long to send out the update. But customers will be glad to know that an

LG G Flex 2

U.S. Cellular bound LG G Flex 2 makes its way to the FCC

The LG G Flex 2 was one of the most interesting devices to launch at CES. LG however failed to divulge launch related details about the smartphone, leaving much to our imagination. But now, a new FCC listing has pointed out a U.S. Cellular variant of the smartphone carrying the model number LG-US995. Even though there’s no confirmation