“Google Android” Beats Out Justin Bieber in Top Tweets of 2010

Twitter has announced preliminary end of the year statistics for 2010.  According to the microblogging websites people, there were over 25 billion tweets sent out so far in 2010. On their blog site they’ve released the top 10 tweets of 2010. They included the Gulf Oil Spill, The World Cup, and the Haiti Earthquake.  With

8% Of Americans Using Twitter

A study by Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project showed that 8% of Americans are using the microblogging service Twitter.  Twitter is no secret to TheDroidGuy actually started out souly as a Twitter user. The Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project is a research project that is analyzing the way American’s

Whoops! Techcrunch Reveals Screenshot of Google +1

Google is working on their next soiree into the social space. First there was orkut, or what? orkut, yes and in fact Orkut is still there. Then there was Google Buzz, just buzzing along. Now the newest instance of Google’s attempt at social networking was originally thought to be called Google.me, then Emerald Sea and

Angry Birds And Then There Were 8

Today in a tweet to our friend Todd Haselton over at Mobileburn.com Rovio Mobile confirmed that they have now had over 8Million downloads of the smash hit Angry Birds. Angry Birds released for Android via Getjar.com and then the Android market in mid October and it has been a smash hit ever since. It was

Breaking: Official Rovio Tweet: Angry Birds Christmas to Android

If you’ve been following the world famous @roviomobile on twitter you may already know but a tweet earlier today revealed that the highly anticipated “Angry Birds Christmas” will come to Android. Around 12noon Eastern time @juranandi asked @roviomobile via twitter: @roviomobile: and what about Christmas version for Androis? Seperate app? To which Rovio responded that

Wallabies and Mice: Gowalla Teams Up with Disney Parks

Here’s a match right out of a storybook!  Popular check-in application, GoWalla has announced a new partnership with Disney Parks.  Over the past 18 months we’ve seen a huge investment and involvement in the mobile space for the Mouse.  This new partnership with GoWalla proves that Disney is always changing with the times. GoWalla users

As Promised Twitter Analytics is Ready

Earlier this year Twitter announced it would begin offering comprehensive analytics to it’s users. Third party vendors such as Klout and Wefollow have been offering some analytics to twitter users but Twitter promises that their product will feature everything you need to know about your twitter account. The new official Twitter analytics will be able

Google Reaches Settlement in Buzz Suit

Does anyone else find it ironic that Google uses Gmail to reach it’s customers for the first time, in well,a very long time, to tell us that it has settled a lawsuit involving privacy? Mountainview, CA Google has released an email to all customers using the “Google Buzz” microblogging service to send out details of

New Twitter Guidelines could be a Name Changer for Tweetdeck

Our favorite micro-blogging site Twitter, has recently posted some new guidelines for app developers.  The post on twitter.com found here, still says you can feel free to use the terms “TW” or “Twit” however if you scroll down to the bottom of the “Dont’s” you will see” Don’t:  “Use Tweet in the name of your

Yes that’s really Andy Rubin

Earlier this week Andy Rubin responded to Steve Jobs via a tweet on twitter from the account @arubin the definition of open: “mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git://android.git.kernel.org/platform/manifest.git ; repo sync ; make” This tweet has even found its way to a new piece of Swag from androidswag.com After the tweet

Twidroyd Update 4.0

There are sure a lot of twitter clients, and no matter who you ask everyone has their favorites. The Android community has made it obvious that Twidroyd is one of their favorites. Still among the top paid twitter app Twidroyd stands tall, and boasting this new update things for other twitter clients could get ugly.

App Battle: Twitter Apps

By Andrew C. Special Contributor TDG Online Welcome to the Android app battleground, readers! As a recent Blackberry to Android convert, I am finding there are a ton of great apps out there, and choosing among them all is difficult, and time consuming. This is where I will be putting some of the best Android apps to

TweetDeck Beta for Android Released!

Written by Elijah K. Writer TDG Online This is a day many of us have been waiting for. TweetDeck has arrived on Android. It may only be in beta form, but this app does. TweetDeck just tweeted the link to get into their public beta and you can download it right here. When the app