Twitter Introduces new Features for #Music

Twitter has started to roll out some new features for its #Music service for the web, the company is adding various charts to the service; for popularity and by genre. There are other charts that you can find in other areas of the service, the charts can be found in the following categories; Superstars and

ESPN and Twitter Announce They are Going to Partner Up

 Twiiter and ESPN have plans to announce their upcoming partnership that will allow the social network to tweet out video clips of major sporting events such as the SuperBowl ect. They will be selling ads around those clips, this is a mutually beneficial partnership that will open up a new channel of revenue for Twitter

Twitter acquires Ubalo

Twitter is in the midst of shopping spree, but not for conventional goods Twitter has something larger to fill they’re shopping basket – startups. Their newest acquisition is a company called Ubalo which specialize in early-stage numerical computing, this comes after acquiring the company We Are Hunted and turning that into what is now Twitter

Twitter launches #music a new music streaming service

Twitter released the web and iPhone version of it’s brand new service #music late yesterday afternoon [18th April] which is Twitter’s own music streaming service, it allows you to listen to what’s trending, what your friends are listening to, emerging talent, popular music and what you might like along side acts that you follow. Sign social app launches on iOS finally is a social app which newly launched on the Apple app store this week, this app has finally came to the masses after being in development for two years. isn’t your average messaging service like whatsapp, kik, iMessage or even Facebook chat. is something that is completely unique, this service is available

Twitter app for Windows revamped

Twitter has reworked its Windows app to lure users back from alternatives like TweetCaster or Rowi. The new update has cleaned up the app’s interface in keeping with Windows new look. Simple, elegant, minimalistic yet text rich, Twitter’s new app has been revamped to beat the likes of Rowi, a neat third party alternate most

Twitter Mobile App Improves Search Feature

Twitter released new updates to its mobile app for the iOS and Android platform as well as on its mobile site this Wednesday. This is just one of the latest changes made in its month long update which includes improvements on web browsing, search, and autocomplete suggestions. One of the most visible changes for the

Twitter has shortened tweet character count by 2

In a move that has annoyed most tweeters, Twitter has reduced the number of characters that a user can tweet as commentary about a posted link by 2. Tweeters are allowed a maximum commentary of 140 words. Previously when they shared a link, the number of characters remaining was 120 which are now reduced to

LivesOn; the After Life, a digital possibility?

If you believe in the afterlife, then you will have no difficulty believing in that an app like the LivesOn exists in the tech space. Twitter has come out with the new LivesOn app that maintains your online avatar even after you die. The app comes with a quirky punch line, “When your heart stops

New HTC One (M7) Photo Leaked At Twitter

A new photo of the upcoming HTC One (formerly known as M7) has been posted over at twitter by Evleaks.  The new photo looks quite similar to the first ever image of the device that was leaked which further gives validity to it. Since nothing is official yet, this could just be fake or it

Carbon For Twitter Finally Hits Google Play

Carbon For Twitter was due to arrive on the Google Play Store as early as August last year, but after several delays, it became questionable whether it was even going to be made available, after all. Fortunately, its developer, dots & lines, finally released the first version of the Twitter client on the Play Store.

Twitter May Introduce Photo Filters In Mobile Apps

Rumors that Twitter would soon be offering its own photo filters started last month. The New York Times published an article where an anonymous source hinted at the possible new feature. According to the article, “The company’s V.I.T.’s, or Very Important Tweeters, as they are known internally, usually celebrities and media personalities, would be especially

Microsoft’s #DroidRage Campaign Sets off #WindowsRage on Twitter

Microsoft’s new marketing strategy with the DroidRage campaign yesterday garnered a lot of eyeballs. Expectedly, Windows Phone fans were quick to jump onto the Android hater bandwagon. But now it seems like Microsoft’s media campaign has backfired, as a new Twitter hashtag #windowsrage has taken birth. This has been created by users who thought the

Three Third-Party Twitter App Alternatives

Twitter — in my experience — has a great native application, but there are a lot of third-party apps that offer a plethora of better features (“better” being subjective, of course). That said, there are quite a few third-party apps out there that are free and that are worth checking out. I’ve listed my favorites

Facebook iOS app updated; Twitter to add photo filters

There was a news doing rounds on the internet few days earlier that Twitter is working on a photo filtering application that works just like the much popular service, Instagram, which is incidentally owned by Facebook. To give some introduction about the case, Instagram was an Internet start-up based in San Francisco. It had no

Obama Says Facebook Bigger Threat To Kids

US President Barrack Obama believes Facebook is a bigger threat to the safety of his daughter Malia Obama than dating with someone, pointing out the social networking site’s lax privacy control. In an interview with MTV, the President of the United State of America said Facebook is not a good place to hang out as

Twitter, Nielsen Strike Deal On Surveys

Twitter announced on Tuesday their partnership with media research company Nielsen to conduct surveys and measure up the pulse of the ‘netizens’ on the microblogging site. Social networking site users are expected to encounter survey questions on their Twitter account following the pact with Neilsen. Twitter might only allow its users to write up to

Google Play Opens Twitter Account

Google Play has opened its own Twitter account to reach out to the many users of the app store. According to its first tweet, the account will be used for “special promotions, exclusive content, updates, and awesomeness from Google Play.” Prior to joining Twitter, Google Play made announcements via its e-mail newsletter, to which users