Twitter increases its follow limit to 5,000

Currently, #Twitter only allows normal users to follow 2,000 accounts at once if they don’t have a high enough follower count. But the microblogging site has now lifted this restriction and announced that such users are now allowed to follow up to 5,000 accounts at once before their ability to follow more people is put

Twitter Polls

Twitter introduces new Polls feature on Android and iOS

#Twitter has just gotten better thanks to the introduction of a new feature called Polls. This is currently rolling out on Android and iOS, depending on your region of course. As the iOS screenshot above shows, this basically lets you hold polls about practically anything and get responses from your followers. Users can only create 2-question

Twitter Is Removing The 140 Character Limit From Direct Messages

After originally planning to remove this limit in July, Twitter is now letting users send direct messages to each other that are over 140 characters in length. Direct Messages will now be able to have unlimited characters, while tweets will remain at the 140 character limit. These improvements will go to most of Twitter’s apps, including

Twitter Launches Periscope For Android

Exactly two months after launching on iOS, Twitter is bringing Periscope to Android. This comes shortly after Meerkat exited beta, so it wasn’t going to be that long until Periscope surfaced as well. This app is largely the same as the iOS version, except with Material Design cues in the app, as well as some new notification

Twitter launching new ‘Highlights’ feature on Android

Twitter has just launched a new ‘Highlights‘ feature on Android which gives you a quick peek of all the content from the app that you might have missed. Users have to opt into this feature, which means that not everybody will be bombarded with information that they do not need. Content will be curated from

Twitter Update

Twitter changing the way trends are displayed on mobile apps

Twitter has just announced a major change for its mobile apps with the removal of the Activity and Discover tabs on the mobile apps. Twitter apps on Android and iOS will now simply show the trends through the search bar, which can be activated by tapping the search icon on the app. Some users have already

Twitter apps getting a new ‘Mute’ feature

Ever wondered how you can silence some tweets from the ones you follow without actually unfollowing them? Well, Twitter has an answer for you with the addition of a new ‘Mute’ button. The feature is pretty simple as all you have to do is head over to the desired profile from the web or mobile app of

Cover App Twitter

Twitter now owns the popular Cover lockscreen app

Twitter Inc has just acquired popular Android lockscreen app Cover for an undisclosed amount. Usually an acquisition like this wouldn’t make much of a difference to the customers, but since Twitter has a bad history of acquiring companies and shutting them down, the users are beginning to get a little worried. Cover lockscreen is basically a replacement

Is it really ‘game over’ for ‘Flappy Bird’?

If anything, the takedown could be one of the best marketing moves for Nguyen. Flappy Bird was popular enough, in its own endearing, annoying and time-consuming way. Announcing that it’s going to disappear from the official app stores soon only makes it all the more popular.

Will Twitter be the next big thing in mobile chat?

Instant messaging seems to be the killer app for smartphone developers these days. With hundreds of millions of users, apps like LINE, WhatsApp, WeChat and Viber and the like are making a killing. These have actually gone beyond simple instant messaging. Rather, these companies have built whole content ecosystems around their chat apps: gaming, stickers,

Android and Google Play: A better platform for early adopters

Just recently, Twitter launched an Alpha program for its Android app users. With the Twitter for Android Experiment, users get to enjoy bleeding edge features and functionalities that are not yet implemented in the mainstream release of the app. Twitter Alpha also goes beyond the usual Beta program, which has been in place for some


Twitter files for IPO but will keep business confidential

Following in the footsteps of Facebook, Twitter has announced they have filed for initial public offering, but details of the offering will not be available straight away, with Twitter keeping business details confidential. The Securities and Exchange Commission allows companies earning under $1 billion in revenue per year to start a private IPO. Unlike Facebook, who


Vine userbase hits 40 million users

Instagram Video and Vine continue to compete, but the video sharing platform has not ended up in the pit, as many thought when photo-sharing giant Instagram announced the video feature to combat Vine’s growing popularity. Even though the amount of videos shared took a dip when Instagram Video was announced, the team has managed to

Vine for Android hits Google Play

The Vine app by Vine Labs, Inc. of Twitter is finally available for Android users through Google Play. The app which allows its users to create short looping animations was launched in January for iOS, where it was able to gain success and reach 13 million users. Now, Android users can join the fun by


Facebook Unveils Verified Pages and Profiles

 Facebook has just announced they are introducing verified accounts and pages; they have taken a leaf out of Twitters book. Verification gives high profile accounts an added level of authenticity so that the users know that the account that they are subscribed to is legit. Verified accounts will have a small blue check next to