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5 Best Fashion Apps for Android to Help With Your Wardrobe

The fashion industry is constantly changing. Keeping this in mind, it makes sense for the fans to be in sync with the trends, especially as they’re prone to so many changes. Some of the popular social media apps have also turned into a daily fashion feed for most of the bloggers and fashionistas. We help you discover some of these applications on Android that serve a similar purpose. Here are the 5 best fashion apps for Android to help with your wardrobe.

Best Fashion Apps for Android to Help With Your Wardrobe


One of the most widely used photo sharing apps in the world, Instagram helps you connect with millions of fashion bloggers from around the world. Since you can also have a gander at what the celebs and supermodels are wearing, you will be ensured of being in sync with the latest changes in the industry.

As with any other application, not all accounts here are worth your attention. So be sure to check the verified sticker on top of the accounts to get the best out of your Instagram feed. This app was acquired by Facebook not too long ago, and it has grown in popularity since then. Be sure to have a closer look at this application for all your fashion needs.


While the app fundamentally follows the same principles as Instagram, it’s slightly different in its approach. It’s not just an image sharing site, as Tumblr also allows users to type blog posts so as to explain their stance on fashion a bit descriptively. These aspects make the app a must-have for all fans of fashion, especially if you need a detailed explanation about a particular look or trend.

Content here is user-generated, which means you will have to carefully weed out the noise to get what you desire. There are thousands of Tumblr fashion bloggers out there who put the word out on a regular basis. Much like Instagram, this is a free app as well and you can set up an account to start following your favorite accounts right away.

Polyvore Style: Fashion to Buy

With a consistent 4.7 rating on the Play Store, the app is probably one of the most popular fashion tips and style apps out there. The makers offer a curated list of the best clothes available right now and also help you shop for them accordingly. A word of caution though, as this app might be incredibly addictive.

The app comes highly recommended from top fashion sites/houses like The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar and Refinery29, so you’re assured of getting the best out there. Quick sharing tools will ensure that your discoveries don’t go to waste as you can conveniently share your findings across all major social media platforms.

STYLICIOUS – Closet Organizer

The app is pretty much like Polyvore, but for your closet. Letting you get the best kind of clothes for your wardrobe and keeping you in sync with the latest changes in the fashion industry, the app is a must have for every fashion lover. As the app’s makers will tell you, this is like Polyvore, but for your closet. The app was featured in the Times magazine, so it comes highly recommended from experts and users alike.

What I find particularly interesting is this feature called Style Planner, letting you spread out the clothes you would wear on a given day. This ensures that you don’t have a repeat of the wardrobe you wore recently. This is perhaps the only app you will need to fulfill all your fashion needs out there, so be sure to have a closer look at this one.

My Dressing – Fashion closet

Yet another app which serves the same purpose but comes with something different to cater to a variety of fashion tastes. But in essence, the app will let you do all the same things, albeit with a different user interface. The ability to create your own outfit and modify it as per your liking can be a major boon for many. This app gives you exactly that.

You can add the clothes you have on your wardrobe by simply clicking a picture and adding it to the library. This will allow you to conveniently mix and match your existing wardrobe with a few new ones, allowing you to get the best look out there. Much like the rest of the apps on the list, this one too is a free download, although it might contain some ads. No fashion app will be complete without the social media touch, and My Dressing offers the same suite of sharing options as the other apps.

Tumblr Brings more Ads to Users’ Dashboard


Today Tumblr is the sponsored posts that were introduced to its mobile applications a month ago to its web dashboard. The sponsored posts are from companies including Viacom, Ford, AT&T and Universal Pictures. Tumblr’s users will be able to reblog, like follow and share the ads and the brands directly from their dashboard, the sponsors posts will be marked with a dollar sign so the users know they are paid posts.

Tumblr founder David Karp has explained that Tumblr wants to offer advertisers canvas for creative brand advertising, which is something he feels hasn’t been catered for anywhere else on the web. A statement from Tumblr said “We want to give them the space to do anything, a four-second loop, an hour and a half video, a high-res panorama, whatever they need to help them build amazing, interactive ads”.

The eventuality of advertising coming to Tumblr was going to happen whether or not Yahoo acquired them, they need the revenue to keep the business a float. Tumblr’s user base is very temperamental to change so when ads popped up on the service they took to posting to express their feelings. They ads were rolled out yesterday and now the entire Tumblr user base will receive the sponsored posts in their feed.

Source: TechCrunch

Tumblr for iOS Redesigned, Looks more like Path


There has been a lot hype surrounding Yahoo possibly acquiring Tumblr in the past week, the blogging service has release an update to their iOS app with show cases a redesigned user interface that looks very similar to Path – a social network app. The Path-like interface has been available on the Android version of the app for a while now.

The tumblr app has added the stack feature which was popularized by the social network, for those of you have never encountered Path before the stacks feature is hidden within the post button. When you press the post button the many different option such as text, photos, video, links ect.

The newly redesigned app is available for download now in the iTunes store, so if you loved the design of Path then you’ll love the new post composition of Tumblr. It is really just the post composition that has noticeably changed otherwise it is the same as the original app.

Another addition to the Tumblr app that will appeal to a broader audience, they have introduced more sharing options to site that include Twitter, Instapaper, Pocket (Both read later application, where you can read content offline) and Facebook also more gestures have been added.

Below is an image of what the new addition of stacks looks like for those of you who haven’t used Path before.

tumblr ios











Source – TechCrunch

Tumblr CEO feels the $1.1 billion offer from Yahoo is too low


Tumblr CEO David Karp has said that he thinks the amount that Yahoo wants to lay down for the acquisition of the blogging service, the amount that the Yahoo board have officially agreed upon that they are willing to spend on acquiring the company is $1.1 billion. Not too shabby for the company, if they accept the offer they will have beaten Instagram for the highest acquisition fee paid out in silicon valley in the past year.

How much is Tumblr Actually Worth

Tumblr has been valued by an independent source at around $800 million, this has lead some commentators to question Yahoo’s action in laying down a huge amount of money just for the demographic of 18 to 14 year olds. The Instagram acquisition had many possible buyers such as Twitter, where as this offer by Yahoo is the only offer on the table at this present time. The offer of a little over one billion won’t go higher and if Tumblr rejects it I doubt they’ll get another like it.

The blogging service has been surviving off of it’s $125 million is funding for a tad too long with out finding a sustainable channel for revenue or try to get more rounds of funding. When Yahoo’s window of opportunity runs out Facebook and Microsoft are two potential companies to make an offer but probably not as much as Yahoo’s stab in the dark offer.

No to Acquisition, Yes to Advertising 

Tumblr could go it alone by adding some form of advertising to their service, but Karp has said that advertising “really turns our stomachs” which is a fundamental problem with there business model of just living of off funding. Tumblr attracts a mind boggling amount of traffic and this it is just nonsensical not to capitalize on the traffic they regularly bring in, just so the company didn’t have to rely on outside investment to keep the lights on.

To illustrate the amount of traffic Tumblr gets it is the ninth most visited site in the U.S, and it has a whopping 217 million unique visitors world wide every month and 74 million psts are made each day. The site has a lot of room for growth even though it is massively popular already.

There are rumours that Tumblr will bite the bullet and introduce a pay-per view system later this year; the system will work by paying to get others to view, so like a recommendation bar or something to that affect.

Source – VentureBeat

Yahoo rumoured to be making a $1 Billion Acquisiton of Tumblr


Earlier today rumours have come to light saying that Yahoo who has been making a lot of cut backs recently is serious about acquiring tumblr the social site that allows you to create your own personal blog.

Various sources are saying that they are planning on acquiring the company out right and they have plans how to utilize the company and make it their own; instead of buying the company running it as a separate entity.

Cost and Demographic

Figures have been thrown around and the acquisition could cost Yahoo up to $1billion, this would value the company at the same level as Instagram which was acquired by Facebook last year.

The yahoo business model has changed from catering to everyone for anything to a select few services and they are concentrating the demographics they are trying to attract.The company is trying to get the attention of tumblr users who are generally aged 18 to 24.

Other Acquisitions

This acquisition would add to the string of them that Marissa Mayer has added to yahoo’s back catalogue since becoming CEO. Under Mayer’s control the company has acquired; Summly, Astrid, Jybe and  many more, the company has also had some failed acquisitions such as Dailymotion.

Along with the speculation of a possible acquisition of Hulu, the tumblr acquisition could just be media speculation since Marissa Mayers is quoted in saying “the company is shopping for smaller targets valued in the $100 million range”.

Projected Earnings

There is no better place to look for a demographic like the 18 to 24 market than tumblr which is intrinsically associated with the demographic, the acquisition would be mutually beneficial.

Yahoo would be able to reel in the demographic and the investors in tumblr would get the big cash out that they’ve been waiting for.

Tumblr has released figures saying that they generated $13 million last year in revenue and are predicting that they could do as much as $100 million this year. This acquisition would be a great thing for Yahoo is tumblr met that target.

Source – TheVerge 

Tumblr Decides to Layoff Storyboard’s Editorial Team


Tumblr announced this week that it is closing its doors on Storyboard, which the blogging platform created last year in an attempt to feature ideas, themes and people of this massive blogging community.

The announcement came as its CEO David Karp said he couldn’t be happier with what Storyboard accomplished in the past year. However, the layoff would have to happen, freeing up the time of at least three of its editorial staff—Executive Editor Jessica Bennett, Storyboard producer Sky Dylan-Robbins and Editor-in-Chief Chris Mohney.

Creating Stories, Highlighting Profiles

Storyboard was an experimental concept announced last year to personify the people behind Tumblr’s rich blogging community. Karp had said that it was intended to tell the stories of Tumblr creators. He even hired former journalists to run the concept as a proof of how serious the company was in highlighting the interesting stories of these blog creators.

There were hundreds of fascinating stories that got published in the past year. Stories about Hurricane Katrina have been reblogged and liked hundreds of times. There were also interesting features on British boyband One Direction and other pop icons of this time. Stories about restaurants, offbeat places and extreme sports enthusiasts were published too.

Storyboard has truly accomplished what it set out to do—which is to give a glowing profile of these storytellers.

However, the decision to shut down Tumblr didn’t come as a surprise. Although Karp didn’t exactly specify the reasons as to why they decided to close the unit, we can presume that it didn’t generate the kind of interest the company was hoping.

An official of the website said there were significant accomplishments made by Storyboard but again, they were short of explaining what it is that triggered the shutdown. Perhaps, now that the blogging platform is open to advertisers, the Storyboard would probably become a conflict of interest.

It can be remembered that the blogging platform frowned upon putting advertisers on its website before. But now, its profitability can be reached this year, just six years after the site was conceived and shortly after it allowed advertisers. Lee Brown, the company’s head of sales, said the “monetization” will eventually lead the company to a profit this year.

At Home with Mashable

News website Mashable has been a follower of Storyboard since last year. It has helped in producing some stories for the site. It has its own account there as well. A report from Mashable said that Storyboard was a daily read for most of its workers, and that it supported several programs and campaigns that were born out of this concept.

So now that the company decided to lay off its editors, Mashable stands ready to publish pending stories that were slated to come out on Storyboard in the next months. It said that it will be working with its editors to get these stories published. In addition, it has invited some other writers who have already written stories about blog creators on Tumblr to submit their articles to the site. I guess this is a good effort for Mashable to reach out to these talented people and provide a home for their stories.

Sources: CNET and Mashable

Tumblr App On Android Updated To Support Tablets


With the tablet market currently heated up, there’s very little to choose from when it comes to Android tablets and other competitive offerings (read: iPads). And one area where the iOS platform completely dominates Android is app support, where there are over 275,000+ apps written specifically for the iPad. This, in comparison to Android tablet apps which are merely blown up versions of the mobile app. But things have begun changing in the world of Android with Google now having its Nexus branded tablets in the market. Since the number of Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 users are increasing, it was about time that app developers came up with tablet apps specifically for these devices. And now, the Tumblr app on Android has been updated to support bigger devices.

The app is a welcome addition from the previous iteration where it wasn’t all that great. However, this app too has a few shortcomings. For starters, it seems like Tumblr devs only had the Nexus 7 in mind when working on this new update, so any device with a display bigger than 7-inches would feature a not so great version of the app. Also, the new Tumblr update works only in portrait mode and there’s no landscape mode support. The recently updated Skype app also had a similar issue. So I guess it’s more of a norm to keep these things in mind when developing an app for bigger devices. Prior to this update, users heavily relied on third party Tumblr apps to satisfy their social networking needs on tablets.

Besides being tailored for 7-inch tablets, the new Tumblr app also comes with a few UI tweaks to make use of the screen real estate appropriately, although it’s indistinguishable. A new dedicated notifications icon can be spotted, which is a neat touch and gives easy access to all the notifications. That’s pretty much it really. And if you’re still not convinced with this official app update, you can always find a bundle of third party Tumblr apps which are supported by your tablet. A job half done, I would say as 10-inch tablets aren’t supported. But I’m guessing it’s under development and we should see one hitting the Play Store fairly soon.

Source: Google Play Store
Via: Android Police

Review: Tumblr for Mobile

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

You may or may not know, but Tumlr is not just blogging software, it’s also a social network. Share features and “reblogs” along with a like system similar to Facebook encourages users to interact with each other and share each others photo blogs or interesting things you come across. In that sense it might sound like Facebook, but it’s not. You may see similar features but it’s a huge difference. I like tumblr because of its fun designs and themes along with its great reliability and performance. I don’t use it often anymore as I have been falling into the WordPress cult. Still, if you use Tumblr you may just want to check out their very reliable mobile app.

The tumblr mobile app does all of the standard things the web client does but I feel it’s much faster and very reliable. You’ll be able to do things such as searching tags and managing your blogs. Managing your blogs is very easy to do on Tumblr. You can add posts on your blog though I have found that text blogs are very hard to do unless you’re doing a Facebook status like thing. Photo Blogs in this case are much easier to do and are actually very popular on Tumblr. You won’t find many people using tumblr for text blogs, it’s mainly all Question and Answer blogs with the majority of it being photo blogs. The photo blogs work really well on tumblr as that’s what it feels that it was designed for.

I love the photo blogs on tumblr and they are very easy to just scroll through and browse all the cool photos the community of bloggers have put up. The only thing is that depending on what quality the photos are loading in it may take a toll on your data usage. Photos on a site like tumblr that has them all at its highest quality by default has managed to sneak by me quite a few times which I have often regretted when my data’s on it’s very last leg.

Tumblr is a very high quality app that takes advantage of it’s web client to display all the photo blogs by searching a tag. You obviously should be pretty familiar with tags from the likes of twitter #likethis. The performance on the app is incredible. I usually have trouble with blogging software in the case of mobile apps like Google’s Blogger.

Overall, tumblr is a great app if you’re looking to find some pretty cool photos fast. With a quick search of a tag in this free app based off of the web client you’ll be able to browse photo blogs, text blogs and a lot more. Managing your own posts is very easy and so is posting your own photo blog. If I were to rate this app on a 5 star basis I would say it is 5 out of 5 stars. It’s a fantastic app to use.

Tumblr Founder David Karp: Android “Absolutely Sucks To Develop For”

L-R: Erick Schonfield (TechCrunch), David Karp (Tumblr), Kevin Systrom (

New York, NY

Eric Schonfield, Editor at TechCrunch did a quick panel session on Hockey Stick growth with Kevin Systrom Founder of and David Karp the founder of Tumblr.  Both companies have seen a lot of success in a short period of time. Tumblr, which has been around longer, is of course a lot bigger.  Systrom credits part of their growth to the 2010 holiday season when people received iPhone 4’s which have a better camera than previous models.

Both Karp and Systrom talked onstage about growth and scaling both technology and infrastructure. Karp admitted that he had a problem letting go in terms of handling different problems.  Karp and his engineering partner liked to engineer themselves out of most of the technology problems that came up in the first couple of years of Tumblr. Now though, Karp delegates to his operations team.

Tumblr has a native Android app that they have produced in house and has very similar features to their web-client and is easy to use.  Systrom told a reporter for Inc magazine that they are still just a staff of 4 but Android was in their crosshairs.

Just before exiting the stage and after Systrom answered the Android question Karp was quick to add that Android “Absolutely Sucks To Develop For”

Update: April 2012, Systrom sold his company for $1 billion to Facebook, very impressive, considering the heavy-lifting was done mostly by the original staff of 4, which “ballooned” all the way to 13 employees at the time of acquisition.