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Remove Bloatware On Your Samsung Galaxy S4 With The TrulyClean Script

Do you own the Samsung Galaxy S4? While this smartphone is one of the best Android devices out in the market today there’s one problem to it and that is bloatware. The SG4 comes with various apps that you don’t even need and are difficult to remove. You could use another custom ROM to get rid of bloatware but then most people prefer the stock experience.


One solution to effectively remove unwanted apps on the SG4 is to use the TrulyClean script created by XDA member Schoolsux. The script can safely remove more than 98 apps that are not important for the system to run. This frees storage space of up to 600 MB and brings about a noticeable boost in performance.

Some of the apps that this script can remove are the S Voice and Samsung Hub. It also removes standard google apps such as Gmail and Google+. The standard script will also remove the stock browser but if you want to use it then you can use the alternate script which leaves the stock browser. You can even edit the script to specify which apps to remove and which apps to keep.

Installing TrulyClean script is easy and is compatible with the i9500 and i9505 S4. You will however need the basic knowledge on flashing.

Here’s the procedure on getting it to your device

  • Use the default script or edit the script after your taste.
  • Copy to phone.
  • For best experience – do a full wipe, install a custom rom and then flash
  • Script only removes apps in /system, so you have to uninstall any updated apps manually.
  • Flash in recovery & run script after every time you flash a new rom.

via xda-developers