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Triple Town

Review: Triple Town

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free, Paid – $3.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Triple Town is a city-building puzzle game for Android and iOS devices. The game’s goal is for you to build the largest city you can by solving puzzles. Solving the puzzles is no easy task and is often rather difficult and may require advil to cure headaches. Puzzle solving in this game means matching three or more pieces together to form a bigger piece such as a bush. Once you get the bush from the three to four pieces of grass you create a tree and so on. Your supposed to order the pieces in such a way that there is room on the map to solve other parts of the puzzle. It’s difficult at first, but you begin to get the hang of it as you play the game more and progress through the map.

Triple Town encourages re-playability by their integrated high score system. Once there are no more places to begin or finish a puzzle on the map the game ends and gives you your high score. Your then shown the highlights of your city and then encouraged to play again to try and beat that high score. The game also allows you to compete on leader-boards for the top score using OpenFeint, a platform that allows the developer to add social networking to both Android and iOS games and apps. If you really get into the game, competing for the top score can become very fun and addicting.

Spry Fox, the developers of the game, did a fantastic job with the visuals. It fits perfectly with the theme of the game. The visuals have a big focus on a cartoon style of graphics with a tad bit of realism added to it. It’s a very unique experience which I personally think works amazingly well for the game. I did find it very disappointing that there is no soundtrack or background music for the game, but because of how fun the game is, your easily able to look past that. There are sounds from the different objects in the game, such as the bear, so it’s not entirely without sound.

Upon installing the game your given 1500 free turns, after using up those 1500 free turns you’ll receive new turns every day. Not a lot, mind you, but they really encourage you to purchase their unlimited turns add-on to the game. Purchasing this will cost you $3.99 but will also unlock new maps instead of the standard 6×6 map you play on every time a new game is created. The unlimited turns is really worth it if you decide to play the game a lot throughout the day and the maps that are unlocked for you I felt were very well designed and were a nice added bonus to the package. The added maps really help that price tag to feel worth it.

You should be warned that this game is not compatible with modded devices or custom roms which is unfortunate as Spry Fox is probably missing out on a rather large part of the Android community. There is a ton of people with custom roms, especially over on the xda community. A lot of people over there I am sure would love to play this game. Hopefully they add some compatibility to mods for the game fairly soon.

Overall, the game is great. You may encounter a few bugs here and there, but again, that is easily looked past. The bugs aren’t game breaking, can be a little annoying but the amount of fun you can get out of this free game is outstanding and really makes you not mind the minor bugs. There aren’t many developers you see that really try to put its focus on quality. The result of that? They made a great game and with over 20,000 five star reviews on Google Play, I think the community agrees with that.

If your still not sure whether you want to download the game or not, Triple Town received some other great reviews from companies like Edge Magazine and Gameasutra.

I highly suggested that you download this game for your Android device or your iOS device, both even. The game is also playable on Facebook if you don’t have a smartphone or prefer playing on the computer.