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Sprint Disabling Carrier IQ

image: techcrunch received an official statement from Sprint on Friday that said they were disabling Carrier IQ services from all of their phones.

The statement came on the heels of a report at that Sprint had demanded all of their manufacturer partners remove the service from their devices and do so quickly. According to Sprint wanted to know as soon as it was done so they could push an update out to their customers.

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Verizon Says They Aren’t Using Carrier IQ, But Do They?

Verizon Wireless has taken to Twitter to defend their position that they don’t use CarrierIQ. In the official Verizon Wireless Twitter account managed by Verizon’s Jeffrey Nelson, the company has said that they don’t have CarrierIQ on their phones and then reiterated the same message tweeting to’s Editor In Chief, Joshua Topolsky the message below:

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