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Samsung launches LED square display and transparent display

Samsung Electronics was recently slapped with a $1 billion fine as a part of legal battle over patent issue with Apple, but that definitely didn’t stop the company from launching new products. Samsung is world’s largest mobile phone maker, world’s largest television manufacturer and world’s second-largest semiconductor chip maker, and as a part of their display business, they’ve announced the availability of innovative 1:1 ratio LED square display (UD22B) and transparent display (NL22B) and will showcase the same at IFA 2012 in Berlin that is going to be held between Aug. 31st and Sep. 5th.

Samsung’s new innovative 1:1 ratio square display and all-in-one transparent display showcase is not targeted towards the general crowd, but business owners. These displays are, without any doubt, extraordinary solutions that can give birth to a whole new type of promotional displays in retail, commercial and public locations. Let’s take a sneak peek into details of each of the displays, shall we?

Inovative Square Displayn

This is Samsung’s LED square display which in technical terms will have a 1:1 aspect ratio. It’s designed to replace regular rectangular displays that are widely available. The main attraction of this screen, however, is the fact that it’s designed to support unlimited configuration. Several displays can be installed adjacently or stacked over each other, and thanks to the 5.5 mm bezel-to-bezel measurement, the whole setup will look seamless and the digital loop will allow the user to produce a single image across up to 100 displays. The square display will have a size of 21.6”, and unlimited configuration only creates fresh potential for crafting immersive visual experiences. Multiple displays can be connected in various ways in order to create new shapes ranging from mosaics to three dimensional objects such as cubes. A large number of these displays can be connected together in order to create an artistic video wall. The possibilities are endless.

Samsung has incorporated environmentally friendly Direct LED backlight technology in UD22B square display which the company claims to produce less heat and reduces power consumption by over 30% when compared to current commercially available LCD displays. The power savings directly translate into lower operating cost. Apart from the usage of Direct LED backlight technology, Samsung has also laid some other simple energy saving techniques such as – the display adjusts its brightness automatically with reference to surrounding brightness. Samsung will be including its MagicInfo software solution which will enable easy management of content. Without having a limitation of installation space or shape, the advertisements can be more interactive and engaging, which is indeed desired by every business out there.

Samsung’s First All-in-One Transparent Display

Back in December last year, Samsung had demonstrated some flexible screens which were just 0.3mm thick. They showed a demo video which focused on ‘tablet of the future’ that would offer instant translation, video, and a level of 3D. The South Korean technology major showed off transparent, flexible AMOLED screen which the company said it would start shipping devices with flexible AMOLED devices in 2012, starting with mobile phones. That definitely didn’t happen, but Samsung has announced something related.

Samsung’s 22” transparent display or the NL22B is an all new product that is aimed at creating a new option in the digital retain design arena. As seen in the above image, it’s basically an all-in-one showcase, or a box. The LCD panel on the front is transparent and is able to display animations that can interact dynamically with the items that are kept behind it, inside the showcase. The remaining three sides are made up of tempered glass, which is of course transparent, but won’t display anything. The whole set up is enclosed within a metallic frame, which gives the NL22B a luxurious appearance. The kit also includes a built in PC, speakers and LED bar which are sure to make consumer shopping an immersive experience.

The display is available in all-in-one showcase or as an optional 22” kit for wall installation. It’s not the first time some company is launching such kind of display in the market, however, most of the competition sell displays with transmittance rates as low as 5 percent, which has high possibility of hiding the items kept behind it, but Samsung’s display on the other hand offers 15 percent of transmittance rate which should deliver exquisite picture quality.

Samsung Electronics is slowly crunching into the B2B space rapidly, giving birth to new markets on the way. The all-in-one transparent display is radically a new product. Samsung has been launching new products in the premium interior market segment – large-size LFDs (60” and larger) and several products that deliver high picture quality in a slim design. The South Korean electronics major is planning to dominate the market by joining hands with world famous luxury brands.

Samsung Electronics recently partnered with luxury brand, Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry, and has demonstrated success in the same by showcasing Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry at InfoComm 2012. The watches that were showcased featured square displays and transparent displays. At the IFA 2012, Samsung will using the above mentioned new display products to create a retail display layout that will aim to duplicate the store environment of Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry store locations.

These displays are great for businesses who would like to differentiate themselves using creative and engaging displays to capture the attention of customers. What are your thoughts on these commercial products for businesses? Let us know your thoughts using the comment form below.