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Smart stickers for your smart phones

Tired of losing those car keys or your wallet? You missed the start of that fantastic new movie because you couldn’t find your car keys! Your bank closes in ten minutes and you can’t find your checkbook! With smart sticker tracking technology you never have to moan the loss of any article ever again!

stick2The technology is simply brilliant and brilliantly simple. Paste smart stickers on items that constantly elude your touch and track them with your Smartphone. Stick-N-Find Technologies has found a fool proof, easy and affordable method to track your most troublesome articles. The concept works on radio signals that help track an item the sticker is pasted on. The company uses what is called Bluetooth Low Energy which reduces battery power to a large extent when a signal needs to be broadcast. The small disc that adheres to the surface of traceable items is powered by a button cell, the kind used in watches and lasts for up to two years without recharge.

Wonderful new technology much applauded by those constantly losing household items, the sticker-tracker technology has a flip side. First, it is quite expensive, given that just 2 stickers cost $50. This is not immediately affordable to all consumers. Second, very few phones like the iPhones and high end Samsung phones can pick up on Bluetooth Low Energy radio signals. This means, in addition to the already expensive stickers, a top end phone model is required which makes it even more expensive for a consumer. And lastly, the concept works more on the “you’re getting warmer” and “you’re cold” system rather than giving the seeker the exact directions to the lost item.

Stick-N-Find is working on issuing better directions to consumers so that they do not have to walk around in circles looking for an object. All future phones, including mid range phones will be incorporating Bluetooth Low Energy which should be a relief to buyers.

It is no doubt a fantastic new technology making its way into 2013.