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5 Best Wireless Travel Routers In 2019

If you like to travel a lot or on the road a lot for work, you might want to consider picking yourself up a wireless travel router. Travel routers have a huge benefit: providing you with a reliable Wi-Fi connection that your smartphone, laptop, and computers can connect up to. This helps you avoid spotty Internet connections and gives you a reliable way to stay connected for work or even for on the go play. Not only that, but a wireless travel router can be a great way to share files.

Wireless Travel Routers

So, which wireless travel router do you buy? Follow along below, and we’ll show you our top five favorites!

HooToo TripMate Titan

This is one of the best wireless travel routers that you can get your hands on right now. The HooToo TripMate Titan takes a wired Ethernet connection and turns it into a Wi-Fi connection. Not only that, but the wireless travel router also doubles as a power bank. Not only do you want to improve your Internet connection with a wireless travel router, but you don’t want your phone dying while using that Internet connection. So, the TripMate Titan gives you a whole 10,400mAh to keep your phone charged — it can actually charge an iPhone 8 from dead to full up to three times. Get the TripMate Titan at the link below.

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RAVPower FileHub Plus

RAVPower offers a neat wireless router as well. Introducing the FileHub Plus, the wireless router that does the work of three separate devices. First, the FileHub Plus is able to function as a wireless travel router by taking a hotel Ethernet cable and then creating a secure Wi-Fi connection for your devices out of that. It’s also able to function as a power bank, and should actually be able to charge your smartphone up at least twice before it needs to be charged itself. Lastly, it also functions as a media streamer — plug a SD card into the SD slot, and you’ll be able to access photos and videos, as well as stream content to your Chromecast.

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TPLink N-300

We also have the TPLink N-300. This device doesn’t function as multiple devices like the last two wireless travel routers do, but it does do one thing really well: give you a Wi-Fi connection that you’re going to be able to rely on. You’ll actually be able to hit download speeds up to 300MBps, and on a 2.4GHz band, you should get lag-free streaming and gaming. Not only that, but the TPLink N-300 was designed for range, so you should be able to cover a wide amount of space with this wireless travel router. The neat thing about this travel router is that it can connect directly to your laptop to for its power source.

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If you’re looking for high-speed access on the go, we recommend going with the TRENDnet TEW-817DTR. It’s able to give you download speeds of up to 433MBps over a 802.11ac. You can get up to 300MBps over an 802.11n connection. It’s without a doubt able to bring you the maximum amount of speeds possible. It runs off of an Ethernet cord and converts that into your own secure WiFi connection — if you have large files to download, the TRENDnet will able to provide you with the speeds that you need to download those files in minutes, not hours.

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If you’re worried about security with your wireless travel router, then you’ll want to look at the GL-MT300A. First, it’s super portable — it can actually fit in your pocket, and only weighs a meager 1.41 ounces. The goal of the wireless travel router is to help convert the Ethernet connection into an encrypted private network. It uses OpenVPN for encryption and security, and then the Tor client to keep your browsing private. It can hook up to your laptop for its power source, or any 5V DC adapter — in addition to that, you can create multiple connections with its dual-Ethernet ports.

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So, which wireless travel router should you pick up? If you’re looking for bang for your buck, you might enjoy the multi-functional wireless travel routers, such as the RAVPower FileHub Plus or the TripMate Titan. But, if you’re looking for speed, we recommend going with the TRENDnet wireless travel router — you’ll get unmatched speeds in such a small form factor. If you want security and privacy, the GL-MT300A is the way to go, although you can make any of your connections private with the use of a VPN.

Wireless Travel Routers