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Tower Defense Games For Android

5 Best Tower Defense Games For Android In 2019

One of the classic game types that have been around for a long, long time is tower defense. The premise in this game mode is that you purchase towers that can automatically attack enemies as they travel on a predestined path. If you can’t kill them all before they reach the end, you lose the game. This is a game mode that primarily came from users playing around with map and mod maker tools, and now, over the years, it has turned into full fledged games.

You’ll find plenty of console and PC versions of tower defense games, but they’ve become even more popular on Android. You could waste hours at a time fighting off waves of enemies and discovering how different towers work to stop them in the correct amount of time. If you want to get one of these games for your phone, check out the five best we’ve found for Android below!

Defenders 2

Defenders 2 is what happens when you mix a tower defense game and card game together. You unlock towers by collecting cards. That said, there are 40 towers to choose from, all of which have to be unlocked by cards. In addition, you have up to 20 spells at your disposal and 29 bosses that you’ll have to dispose of. As you can probably see, you’re likely going to be playing this game for hours on end before you reach the last wave. There’s a PvP mode as well, if you want to test your skills against real players.

Download it now: Google Play

Defense Zone 3

Players will love Defense Zone 3 because of its unique Sci-Fi style. The large majority of tower defense games seem to have a fantasy twist to it, so a futuristic tower defense game is certainly a welcome sight. There aren’t a whole lot of towers — you can only choose from eight, which the game calls “Turrets.” However, there are special abilities you given, a whole eight of them. These can range from air strikes to nuclear bombs. If the difficulty level of the game is a little too easy, you can amp it up with difficulty settings — Defense Zone 3 gives you four difficulty levels to really put your strategic skills to the test. The game is free to play, so you can expect there to be a handful of in-app purchases and ads.

Download it now: Google Play

Dungeon Defense

Dungeon Defense veers off from the rules of what tower defense is supposed to be, so it’s a little more unique. There are heroes that you place on the border who have to go and attack the incoming waves of enemies. As you defeat waves, you can upgrade these heroes with different weapons and upgrades to make them slaughter enemies faster. This is important to do as well, otherwise you won’t be able to stand against the more difficult enemies.

Download it now: Google Play

Element TD

Element TD is, well, another tower defense game. The premise is the same as the other games we’ve listed in this guide. The difference is that you actually have quite a few towers to choose from — a whole 44 different towers. It is a little more challenging, as the towers you place all depend on the elements that you choose in the game (i.e. fire). Obviously, waves get more difficult the further you progress — there are 50 total waves that you’ll have to be able to defeat before winning.

Download it now: Google Play

Kingdom Rush

Lastly, you don’t want to miss out on the Kingdom Rush series. Originally launching on Android in 2011, the Kingdom Rush tower defense series has been played by and continued to be played by millions of players. Kingdom Rush is nice because it feels more like the original mechanics of Tower Defense — there’s no thrills here, it adheres closely to the original rules. There are a vast amount of towers and spells that you can use to defeat the incoming enemy. You can choose Heroes to play with as well. Be sure to use a very strategic setup, as your towers will need to be able to defeat bosses that are much more difficult to defeat than the regular minions that run through.

Download it now: Google Play


So, which tower defense game should you play? If we had to choose, we would recommend going with Defenders 2 or Kingdom Rush. You’ll get the most fun out of these two games, as they’re very well polished and have tons of content that will keep you busy for days at a time.