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CES 2012: Panasonic’s Tough Pad A1 Durability With A Price

Panasonic, the creators of the ultra rugged “tough” line of laptop computers, has added an Android Honeycomb tablet to the mix. We first learned about the Panasonic ToughPad A1 and B1 back in November.¬† They were showing off the A1 at CES and we got the opportunity to check it out. Underneath it’s tough exterior

Panasonic Debuts 2 New Tough Pad Honeycomb Android Tablets

Look what we have here. The folks at Panasonic, who have been producing tough tablets for mostly enterprise since 1996 have announced two new rugged and tough “Toughpads”.¬† The two new tablets are known as the Toughpad A 1 (10″ version) and the Toughpad B1. The Toughpad A1 is the 10″ version and according to