Fixing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 TouchWiz Home Problem

A message came in recently in The Droid Guy Mailbag concerning a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 TouchWiz problem. The email reads, “Last night, my T-mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone updated its software to Android 4.3 JellyBean. While I appreciate the improved graphics rendering, I am dismayed by the following glitch. I now get this

galaxy s3 touchwiz

Solutions to the TouchWiz Error in Samsung Galaxy S3

If you suddenly find yourself encountering the “Unfortunately, TouchWiz has stopped working” error in your Samsung Galaxy S3, the possible sources of the problem might be your cache, screen mode, a recently added widget, faulty SD card or a glitch in the Android operating system according to various sources like Phandroid and Android Central. Clear

Samsung Galaxy S4 Auto-Rotate Not Working

If your Samsung Galaxy S4 Auto-Rotate function is not functioning, the possible cause of the problem might be any of the following: The Galaxy S4 Auto-Rotate feature might be disabled Calibration might be needed There is a possible problem with Touchwiz There might be a glitch in the system of the phone Hardware-related issue Solution