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Developer’s Soasta Offering Mobile App Performance And Functional Testing Solutions

When Verizon Wireless is about to roll out a new popular device, like the Galaxy Nexus, they count on Soasta and their load testing technology to pre-test what it’s going to be like when hundreds of thousands of people jump onto their website at one time to order the hottest new phone.  Soasta has access to hundreds of thousands of servers around the world that allows them to test to scale web apps before there’s a serious problem.

As Soasta CEO Tom Lounibos,  explained to thedroidguy today on a call, that they get calls sometimes, on big event days like cyber monday, when a companies web app infrastructure has collapsed because they didn’t plan for scale.

Some of the biggest companies in the US rely on Soasta for testing including; Verizon Wireless, Netflix, Hallmark and more.

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