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Samsung Galaxy S IV to come with touchless gestures


Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S IV, is one of the most anticipated devices that will be launched this year. Samsung Galaxy S IV will of course be a high end phone, and the Galaxy S III has set the bar high, so the S IV should be definitely interesting. Apart from that, we have several other high end phones coming in the market this year, one of which is HTC M7 which will be launched at the Mobile World Congress that will be held in 2 weeks.

With the S IV being such a high profile phone, there are obviously several rumors, speculations and leaks about the device. According to the latest speculation by Korean DDaily publication, Samsung will be reportedly using Atmel’s newest maXTouch S controllers for mixed signal input to allow gesture-based navigation throughout the interface without contact with the screen. We have already seen Sony’ mid range device, Xperia Sola, come with something called floating touch, which basically uses self-capacitive touch sensor along with the traditional mutual capacitive digitizer which allows multi touch functionality.

There are many possible ways to use the maXTouch S controller and that will definitely help the S IV stand out of the crowd of high end flagship devices from various manufacturers. Another device which uses gesture based control is Pantech Vega LTE, but then that device uses the front camera to detect the movement which consumes a lot of energy.

Various sources are suggesting that the device will be announced on March 15th, but there’s no official word on the same. According to SammyHub and the trusted and popular Korean site DDaily, Samsung has been already producing the 4.99-inch 1920 x 1080p full HD AMOLED display that will be featured in Galaxy S IV smartphone. The 1080p 4.99-inch AMOLED display will be having about 440 pixels per inch. Samsung’s Galaxy S III has apparently been the highest selling Android smartphone to date, and they managed to sell a whopping 50 million till date.

So, what can you expect from Samsung Galaxy S IV? Well, a high end smartphone with very thin design and with a slightly larger display than the predecessor, and with better resolution. Apart from that, the high end hardware will be finely tuned which will boost processing power, reduce energy consumption and make battery-charging a bit less cumbersome. The device will be using the improved cameras in innovative ways that go beyond just shooting video and photo.

Despite being the flagship phone, it won’t be the largest as the current largest phone from the company is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which comes with 5.5 inch screen. There are rumors that the Korean technology major will launch a Note device with 6.3 inch screen, which will again keep the Galaxy S range from being supersized. Basically, Galaxy S IV will be refining all the existing features instead of making it like a phablet.

Whatever it is, this device will give tough competition. What are your thoughts on this?