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Motorola’s Touchless Control app now in the Play Store

touchless control

touchless control

Motorola has just launched the Touchless Control app over at the Google Play Store, but sadly it still remains an exclusive to the Moto X and the trio of Droid smartphones. We understand these smartphones have certain hardware elements which are crucial for the proper functioning of the app, which explains why no other smartphone apart from these four are compatible with the Touchless Control feature at the moment. Perhaps Motorola can figure it out someday and bring down a slightly toned down version of the app for all.

So now you might be wondering as to what’s the point of the app if it’s only helping four devices. Well, the obvious answer is that Motorola can easily update the app and make it accessible to all four devices at once rather than cooking up a custom firmware patch for each of the four smartphones. Touchless Control is available by default on all the four smartphones, but it’s easier for Motorola if it’s available as a downloadable app. This will help greatly with the development of the app and will save users from being on the carrier’s mercy for new updates. So if you own a Moto X, Droid Ultra or Droid Maxx (and the Droid Mini when it is launched), make sure you give this app a try.

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Via: Droid Life