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Touch Detective

Touch Detective Now Live At Google Play

One of the best adventure games over at the Nintendo DS has just made its way to the Android platform. Touch Detective uses a point and click approach that will remind you of vintage PC adventure games. This time though you won’t be using your mouse but instead use the touch screen of your device.

touch detective

The game itself is free to download and has a 206 MB file size. There are currently four chapters available with the frist one free to play. You will have to purchase the other chapters if you would like to continue playing. Each chapter costs $4 or you could buy the remaining three chapters at once for $9.

Touch Detective revolves around, Mackenzie, a budding female detective who has just inherited her father’s detective agency. Accompanying her in this adventure is the ever loyal butler Cromwell who encourages her and builds handy contraptions. Her goal is to make it to the Great Detective Society but in order to do so she must be able to solve enough cases.

There are lots of mysteries that need to be solved and to do so you have to travel to several locations. You will need to touch items and talk to characters to gather clues. The graphics is quite fresh while the controls are very easy.

One complaint we have about this game is the time you have to spend in between games. The dialogue is just way too long making you just want to tap away to speed up things.

If you haven’t tried this type of game before then I suggest you download it. The first chapter is free and entertaining enough. If you want to continue playing then you can then decide to purchase the next chapters.

This isn’t a game you would want to play when you have a 5 minute break. If you have the time and you want to immerse yourself in mystery then you’ll definitely enjoy playing Touch Detective.

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