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VirusTotal Releases Android Client to Scan Installed Apps Against Over 40 AntiVirus Engines

Having an android phone means many things – top among them simplicity of use, dynamicity and ease of finding programs for almost anything that a smartphone is capable of.  However, with these advantages come the problem of ensuring the safety of personal data and protecting the device and software from malicious programs.  Viruses, spyware, adware and all forms of malware could infiltrate the phone.  This is why VirusTotal developed an antivirus solution that will ensure that the device and personal data are safe.


The primary objective of the VirusTotal application is to check the applications installed on the device to ascertain that they are not or do not contain viruses, worms, trojans and other malware.  It checks the applications against over 40 antivirus engines and flags any threats to keep data safe and the device protected in real-time.

Before they recently released the mobile client for Android smartphones, VirusTotal was just a simple website that scanned suspicious files using many different antivirus engines.  Users could upload file they suspect may be infected and scan it for infections and other threats.  VirusTotal has provided desktop-computer operating system oriented services for a couple of years and has made use of this expertise and experience to develop an application for Android phones and tablets.

The Android client that VirusTotal is offering is different from the desktop client, albeit slightly.  Because mobile devices are usually data-limited, the Android client compares identifying hashes of applications installed on the phone with those in the website’s database.  If someone else had already uploaded the application, the application simply gets the existing results.  However, if it is the first time the application is being scanned, it presents you with an option to upload it for scanning.

The screenshots of the applications show that the developers’ emphasis when creating the application was functionality and not the contemporary user interface design.  Users who know what the application does will understand that a flashy interface comes at a distant second to the performance of the application of the program on the importance scale.