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Toshiba Returns To Black Thanks To Smartphones

Wait! The first thing you’re going to say after reading a tweet or the headline is that Toshiba doesn’t make any US smartphones, and they don’t currenty. However Toshiba has finally returned to the black after their wholesale chip business skyrocketed. Just how much of a sky rocket? Same time last year Toshiba reported a

Toshiba Targets Apple With Android Tablet Teaser Site

Fresh off one of the most epic fails in Android tablet history, the Toshiba Folio, Tohsiba is coming out guns a blazing with their new 10″ tablet.  We saw a production sample of the tablet at CES earlier this month which was running Froyo, although the Toshiba rep insisted it would release with Honeycomb. It

Toshiba Shows Off The Follow Up To Failio At CES

The Toshiba rep we spent sometime with yesterday at “Digital Experience” didn’t want us to reference the Toshiba F0lio, Toshiba’s failed attempt at an iPad killing 10″ tablet, taken off the market after a month. When we asked if it was the Folio 2 or Follow up, the Toshiba rep said “No it’s a totally

Toshiba, LG and Sharp Pull Back On Google TV Plans For CES

The New York Times is reporting this morning that Google TV manufacturing partners, Toshiba, LG and Sharp have pulled back on their plans to produce Google TV’s and their plans to announce them at CES.  With less than 3 weeks to go until the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, these decisions are being

Are Viewsonic and Toshiba’s Tablet Woes Stemming From Nvidia?

Staples pulled Viewsonic’s tablet off the shelves today citing a “manufacturers defect” and with no further explanation to that. Inquiries to Viewsonic and Toshiba have not been returned as of yet.  Toshiba pulled their 10″ Folio tablet off the shelves in the UK about a month ago. Both tablets are running Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chipset

Samsung, Toshiba and Vizio joining the Google TV fun?

If Businessweek is correct then despite the problems Google TV is having with the networks, three consumer electronics giants will join team Google. TFTS is reporting that Samsung, Toshiba and Vizio will be showing new Google TV’s at CES 2011, in Las Vegas.  We are already expecting a huge showing for Android in the form

Tablets Tablets Tablets at IFA: Toshiba Folio 100

Finally after seeing what 20+ pseudo Android tablets at last years CES show, we finally get to see some real Android Tablets and Smart media devices come into play.  The past two days we’ve spent a lot of time with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, a great Smart Media Device running Android 2.2 in a 7″

Hands on with the Toshiba Folio Tablet!

IFA this year is all about tablets (or whatever they want to call them), and with The Droid Guy digging through all the amazing setups at IFA, we’re showing you some of the Face Time he got with the Toshiba Folio. This isn’t the first time the Folio has made news, but it is definitely the first

Toshiba Unveils AC100 MID with some desirbale stats

Continuing their celebration of 25 Years of Laptop Sales, Toshiba announced today the release of the AC100 Mobile Internet Device (Netbook) running Android 2.1 [youtube=]Some of the specs include: Android 2.11GHz Nvidia Tega 2 Chip Set1080p capable display at 10.1 inches 1024×600 non touch screen32gb SSD512MB DDR2 Memory802.11 Wifi with optional 3G DataSupports Blue Tooth