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Microsoft Lands Another Android Licensing Deal

Microsoft has announced their 10th deal for Android patent licensing.  Microsoft holds a number of patents that the Android operating system encompasses. Rather than taking various OEM and ODM’s to court for patent lawsuits, Microsoft prefers to license their patents out.  They already have lucrative deals with both HTC and Samsung. Today they announced a

Toshiba’s 7″ Thrive Is Going Down Under First For $450

Earlier this week Toshiba announced a new 7″ version of their highly productive Toshiba Thrive tablet.  The honeycomb beast of a 7″ machine will reach the United States in December, according to Toshiba’s US Press folks, however it looks like it’s heading to Australia first. Unwired is reporting that the 7″ Thrive will be released

Toshiba Unveils 7″ Thrive

Some exciting news came out of a Toshiba event in New York City Tuesday evening, Toshiba has unveiled a 7″ version of the Toshiba Thrive.  If you’ve been a TDG reader long than you know that the Toshiba Thrive is my daily driver. I’m a big believer in productivity via mobile and the Toshiba Thrive,

Toshiba Makes The AT200 “Excite” Tablet Offical

We have to give it to our Italian friends at for getting the scoop on this story. Toshiba released a new 10.1 inch Honeycomb tablet today during their keynote at IFA.  At last year’s IFA conference Toshiba released the Toshiba Folio tablet which failed to catch on before it went on sale in the

Toshiba’s New Thin Android Tablet Ready For Unveiling At IFA (Photos)

Although the doors to the show floor buildings (yes buildings) haven’t even open yet at Messe Berlin for IFA 2011, NotebookItalia was able to grab some pictures of the new Toshiba Android Tablet.  We’re hearing that this ultra thin tablet running Honeycomb will be called the “excite” we will know later this afternoon after Toshiba’s

IFA 2011 Preview: Tablets, Washers Dryers And More Tablets

At press time we are just over five hours away from Samsung’s official Mobile news event called “Unpacked”. Absent this year from the event will be Samsung Mobile’s Vice President of Public Relations, Kim Titus, who has often hosted and emceed events like this.  In his place we are expecting Nick DiCarlo and Samsung Mobile’s

Toshiba Thrive Android Tablet On Sale Today At Best Buy

If you read our tablet recommendations you’d see we gave the Toshiba Thrive very high marks.  It’s just made for the mobile warrior.  In addition to the greatness that comes with all of the Honeycomb laiden tablets, the Toshiba Thrive is designed around the business user. The Toshiba Thrive features a full sized USB port

Toshiba Thrive Now On Sale At New Egg For $479

So far the Toshiba Thrive has been one of the hottest tablets we’ve seen. Out of the box the Toshiba Thrive is the most functional for the mobile warrior.  It includes a full sized SD card slot which supports up to 128gb.  It also features a full size and mini usb connection with host support