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Toshiba Working On An Ultra Thin Android Tablet To Release This Week At IFA?

Thedroidguy team is everywhere this week, New York, Atlanta and Berlin Germany for IFA 2011.  In addition to the big Unpacked show from Samsung we’re now hearing via and androidandme that Toshiba is expected to release an ultra thin Android tablet, and guess what, it’s not Nvidia Tegra 2.  According to Androidandme the processor running this new Toshiba tablet is none other than the Texas Instruments dual channel OMAP4460 processor at 1.5ghz.

The Toshiba Thrive has seen sluggish sales.  Many are speculating because of it’s size. Personally, it’s my favorite Android tablet that’s crossed my desk in the last 10 months. That’s because it’s a productivity power house.  This week though we’re checking out the Lenovo tablets which are also supposed to be productivity heavy.  Seeing an equally as productive, and faster tablet from Toshiba has us super excited about IFA.

Taylor Wimberly from Androidandme was at IFA 2010 with me last year where we both saw the Toshiba Folio which quickly earned the moniker “Failio” even the Toshiba reps saw the faults in the original Folio.  It will be interesting to see if Toshiba steals the show with this ultra thin tablet.

Source: Androidandme via Phonearena  image: Notebookitalia

Toshiba Targets Apple With Android Tablet Teaser Site

Fresh off one of the most epic fails in Android tablet history, the Toshiba Folio, Tohsiba is coming out guns a blazing with their new 10″ tablet.  We saw a production sample of the tablet at CES earlier this month which was running Froyo, although the Toshiba rep insisted it would release with Honeycomb.

It hasn’t even been a year since we sat in a standing room only press conference in Berlin at IFA when Toshiba unveiled their new Folio Tablet.  The 10″ bucket of bolts Android device was released and then recalled in the UK before Thanksgiving.  In fact while at CES the Toshiba reps were very careful to remind every member of the media that the new Toshiba tablet was not the follow up to the Failio and in fact a whole different machine.

For more on the tablet itself click here

Toshiba has set up a teaser website to promote the next part of their Android tablet saga.  The site directly targets Apple and the iPad and of course the iPad’s lack of Adobe Flash.  When you go to the teaser site with an iOS device you see the message in the picture above.. Nice right… It’s a great effort to target Apple and the tablet does look a bit more impressive than the Folio did.  The display, borrowed from their television technology, is sharp and the variety of colors and user serviceable battery are both big pluses however a big minus, we are looking at April at the earliest this tablet will be released.

Between now and then we are expecting a tablet from HTC, the Motorola Xoom, the first of the Acer Tablets, the RIM Playbook and possibly the iPad 2.

With the contribution that Toshiba gave to the laptop industry we are hoping that this new tabet is a turnaround and sweeps the Folio under the rug. In that case, this teaser site is well worth it.


Source: Allthingsd

Are Viewsonic and Toshiba’s Tablet Woes Stemming From Nvidia?

Staples pulled Viewsonic’s tablet off the shelves today citing a “manufacturers defect” and with no further explanation to that. Inquiries to Viewsonic and Toshiba have not been returned as of yet.  Toshiba pulled their 10″ Folio tablet off the shelves in the UK about a month ago. Both tablets are running Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chipset alongside Android 2.2. However the one thing both tablets also have in common is they are not running the “optimized” full Android experience with the Google Apps suite.

4Square Media’s Smarthouse website has said that the Viewsonic issue is a problem with the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and also makes reference to Toshiba’s use of the same chipset.

Google advised against rushing tablets to market with Android 2.2 as it’s not “optimized” for tablets. Honeycomb is the version that is optimized for tablet pcs.  Google did allow Samsung to use Android 2.2 in the Samsung Galaxy Tab which does feature the full Android 2.2 experience with the Google Apps. Early speculation suggested that Samsung was allowed to do this because the overseas versions offer telephone connectivity, and while the telephone connectivity is present in the US versions it has been disabled.

Nvidia is supposed to make a huge splash with a bunch of tablets and smartphones featuring the Android operating system releasing at CES.

Source: Smarthouse