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CES 2012: Power Bag’s 2012 Line

Our CES coverage continues as we check in with Ron Ferber the CEO of Power Bag. Power Bag is by far our favorite “accessory” of 2011. Finally someone has gotten the charging, and transporting solution down.

The downside to the Power Bag, as we’ve been toting it around CES seems to be weight distribution as it’s getting really really heavy, but that’s more on us than the Power Bag. The upside is that we are never without power.

Ferber talks to us about the new exciting bags lined up for 2012 which streamline the power charging system even more and have easy access pockets for every type of mobile electronic possible.

A lot of people have asked Ferber about doing a power bag for a laptop or Macbook Air, Ferber takes the time to explain why that’s not part of the equation now.

Power Bag is sold in all Best Buy stores even though they are that big you can still tell that Ferber is a nerd and geek at heart and is all about providing a solution for a pain point for the tech community.


Tools We Use: Accell’s Power Squid

Although some find it funny, every time we travel to an event my gear bag contains 2 power strips. I’ve also found over the years that it’s just easier to plug in powerstrips wherever I feel like it instead of tracking down 15 event coordinators to tell me where to set up. ¬†Since I always have power (and internet) a lot of my colleagues know that if they need an outlet, thedroidguy is their man…

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