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DROID DNA One-Click Toolkit To Unlock and Root Avaialble

It’s questionable as to whether the DROID DNA is one of the best smartphones available today for a few reasons, but that’s a topic for another time. As you know, Verizon is like a over-protective parent when it comes to smartphones and their bootloaders. We all know that they hate unlocking their bootloaders, for some odd reason. Thankfully XDA member hasoon2000 has come up with a all-in-one toolkit that will unlock, root, and flash your DROID DNA with a ClockworkMod or TWRP custom recovery.

If you want further information on how to use the one-click toolkit, just head on over to the source link below.

Keep in mind that if you brick your device using this tool, it is not the XDA developer’s or The Droid Guy’s fault. If is your own actions. If you’d like to learn a bit more about the root process and etc, browsing a few XDA threads will get you up to speed. Although, following hassoon2000’s instructions carefully should ensure that no bricking of the device will happen. It is a all-in-one tookit, which usually reduces the chance of anything bad happening to someone who is new to all of this and such.

If you’ve successfully used this tool, make sure to head on over to the XDA forum thread and leave your thanks!

source: XDA
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Google Nexus 10 ToolKit released

Recently launched Google Nexus 10 is great device. It has top notch hardware and the screen is just awesome, but as they say, the real fun on any Android device begins once you root it, and the same holds good for Nexus 10 as well. If you are not sure on how to go forward with rooting the device, XDA Developers member mskip has made things easy by coming up with something called Nexus 10 ToolKit, which will allow you to perform a lot of stuff at a keystroke. Below are the functions it is able to perform on Nexus 10 according to the XDA Developers page:

* Install correct adb/fastboot drivers automatically on Windows xp/vista/7/8 32bit+64bit
* Backup/Restore a single package or all apps, user data and Internal Storage
* Backup your /data/media (virtual SD Card) to your PC for a Full Safe backup of data
* Unlock/Re-Lock your Bootloader
* Root Stock Jelly Bean builds (upto 4.2.0 JOP40C)
* 1-Click For All to Unlock the Bootloader, Root, Rename the Restore File and Flash Custom Recovery
* Perform a FULL NANDROID Backup of your system (Boot, Cache, Data, Recovery and System) via adb and save in Custom Recovery format on your PC which can be Restored via CWM Recovery
* Pull /data and /system folders, compress to a .tar file and save to your PC
* Dump selected Phone Partitions, compress to a .zip file with md5 and save to your PC
* Install BusyBox on your phone
* Extras, Tips and Tricks section available to all ToolKit Donators
* Auto Update ToolKit to latest pushed version at startup (donator feature)
* Program up to 10 Quickpic slots and run them very quickly (donator feature)
* Mods section to automatically perform certain tasks on your phone
* Download Google Stock Image directly to correct ToolKit folder for extracting and flashing (no need to move it manually anymore)
* Flash Custom Recovery or Google Stock Image to phone
* Rename the Recovery Restore File present on some Stock Roms
* Use adb sideload in Custom Recovery to root/unroot zip files very easily
* Boot into CWM Touch Recovery without Flashing it
* Boot or Flash .img Files directly from your PC
* Install a single apk or multiple apk’s to your phone
* Push Files from your PC to your phone
* Pull Files from your phone to your PC
* Dump selected LogCat buffers to your PC
* Dump BugReport to your PC
* Set Files Permissions on your phone
* Open new Command Prompt for manual input
* Reboot Phone to Fastboot Mode or Android from fastboot mode
* Reboot Phone to Fastboot Mode, Recovery, Android or Download Mode from adb mode

Phew! That’s a lot of functions. To summarize, you can root the device and unlock the bootloader in case you want to play with ROM, and while doing that, you should make sure that you have a backup of all the data, but fear not because Nexus 10 Toolkit covers that too. It has an inbuilt backup feature which will dump all the apps and data associated with it on your computer, and you can restore it in case things don’t go according to the plan.

The toolkit has a command line interface and you may get confused looking at it, but if you take time to read the included instructions, you shouldn’t face any trouble. In case you do, there’s community that’s always ready to help you.

If you have used the toolkit, let us know using the comment form below.

Source: XDA-Developers