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Tony Fadell Now Heading Google Glass, Sales Ending January 19

Google Glass

Google Glass

Google Glass has been selling Glass to “Explorers” April of 2013, so it’s been almost two years since it has been available for any kind of public use. Google Glass has been involved in many things, from proposals to controversy and more. Now, as Google looks to go further with Glass, they’re putting the head of Nest, Tony Fadell, in charge of the product.

The current leader of Glass, Ivy Ross, will not be leaving the project and will still be running day-to-day operations of the product. Tony Fadell will not be leaving Nest and Glass will remain separate from Nest.

The current version of Google Glass will also no longer be available for sale starting January 19th, with no immediate replacement product. If you want this model of Google Glass, you have until then to buy it.

The Google Glass Explorer program will also be ending come January 19th, so it’s unclear if Google will be providing more software updates to the device after that date.

While the Explorer program may be ending, Glass will no longer be under the Google X umbrella, meaning Google no longer considers it an experiment. Hopefully this means a new version on the way, even though we might not see one until the next Google I/O or even further out. Will you be getting this version of Glass before it disappears from sale?

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