[Deal] LG Tone Pro Bluetooth headphones for $19.99

You can now get the #LG #TonePro Bluetooth headphones for just $19.99 on eBay. These are the company’s recently launched wireless earbuds and follow the same design language as the company’s Tone Infinim headphones which was unveiled a couple of years ago. The $20 pricing makes it a very exciting proposition for those seeking a

LG Tone Pro

[Deal] LG Tone Pro wireless headphones for $19.99

Customers can now purchase the #LG #TonePro wireless Bluetooth headphones for just $19.99. The headphones are manufacturer refurbished. The Tone Pro were sold at quite a steep price when they were originally made available, but LG has discounted the headphones since. What we’re finding here is coming from a third party source, which explains the

LG Tone Pro

[Deal] LG Tone Pro Bluetooth headset for $19.99

You can now get LG’s authentic Tone Pro headphones for just $19.99 from eBay. This is an excellent deal on an accessory that could be your companion for years to come. It features an evolved design compared to the Tone Infinim and sports a nearly identical design, but with some key changes underneath. The product