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Tom Clancy: The Division

Ubisoft at E3: All The New Games

Ubisoft at E3


Splinter Cell: Blacklist shown off for the second time, all about the terrorist threat taking down US military forces every week, the story follows Sam Fisher, who is trying to locate the leaders of ‘The Engineers’ to stop ‘The Blacklist’.

The game has new stealth and action mechanics for quicker escapes and new routes and technology to make Fisher the most powerful war machine, as he hunts down the elitest team.


Rayman Legends is the newest title coming from Ubisoft, the first trailer shows Rayman and friends going through different worlds to help spot the bad guys, as usual in the Rayman franchise.

The new game will have multiplayer modes designed around the platform style and boss battles for an even harder battle.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a new IP from Ubisoft, it is all about developing a castle to defend against raiders, trying to steal your treasure. In the game you can also steal loot from different neighbours.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

South Park: The Stick of Truth is an Obsidian Entertainment developed game, it follows the four boys from the series and the gamer gets his own avatar.

We have heard about the South Park game for a while now and it is good to see it is still being developed despite problems. It will be coming either this fall or in 2014, we aren’t quite sure.


The Crew is a new racing IP by Ubisoft, it is developed for next generation consoles. It is a huge video game world, spanning the US states. Designed around multiplayer, it allows open gameplay between friends and rivals, allowing you to take over different regions.

Ubisoft is making this an all online experience, ‘blurring the lines between single, co-op and multiplayer’, the developer says the rival players could be AI or they could be rival gamers.

Different terrains require different cars and gamers can drive all around the US, from Nevada to New York. It is an incredibly fluid map and once filled with gamers and AI competitors.


Watch Dogs was shown off again with a live action trailer, Aidan Pearce follows a man connected with some underground criminals and hunts him through the private room, killing every enemy in sight.

But before he can deal the final blow to the target, police start coming in the compound, chasing Pearce. He quickly escapes after popping the victim in the leg, obviously not satisfied with the limited amount of time he had.


Just Dance is back with a new dancing game, not much is known about the game and the Ubisoft preview only showed a load of colour and some dancing with Kinect support.


Rabbids Invasion will bring the raving rabbits back to the game with whole new mini games, this is targeted at a younger audience and shows two children playing Kinect.

assassins creed iv black flag

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag brings pirates to the franchise, even though the AC series has always been about the Assassins fighting for good, this one will have the greed of the Assassin, taking the loot from his enemies.

Edward Kenway is the perfect symbol of “freedom, rebellion and adventure”, according to the lead developer of the new AC game. We will be seeing a whole new setting and story circling around Kenway and the treasures on the shores of America.

One of the best features on Assassins Creed III was the ship fighting and Ubisoft will expand on this with a lot more battling between the pirates and the Templar’s trying to defeat Edward Kenway.


Trials Fusion will be the newest game for Xbox One, 360, PS4 and PS3. The game is a follow up from previous titles and will include new moves, new tracks and a whole new experience.


Trials Frontier is another game coming soon, this time to mobile. The game will be a little dumbed down for the mobile audience but will have new touch features allowing the game to do some incredible jumps and moves.


Tom Clancy: The Division is an online open world RPG for next generation consoles, it is definitely the best game seen this conference, in my opinion.

The game has an incredible new user interface with maps and options integrated into the experience. The story all stems from the world being too unconscious of a serious outbreak, and now, at day 30, the survivors look for ways to keep living.

In The Division the gamer can follow the path of a normal foot unit or use a tablet to control a drone. The experience seems incredible and Ubisoft new IPs are something to really look forward to.